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Radisson Blu Hotel & Resorts Careers in Middle East

Radisson Blu Hotel & Resorts Careers

Radisson Blu Hotel & Resorts Careers in Middle East. Radisson Blu is a well-known international hotel brand that offers upscale accommodations and a range of services to travelers around the world. With a presence in numerous countries, Radisson Blu is a part of the Radisson Hotel Group, a global hospitality company known for its commitment to providing exceptional guest experiences.

Many Radisson Blu hotels feature stylish restaurants, bars, and lounges that serve a variety of international cuisines and signature cocktails. They often offer state-of-the-art fitness centers, spa facilities, and other wellness options, ensuring that guests can relax and rejuvenate during their stay.

Jobs in Radisson Blu Hotel in Middle East

Jobs at Radisson Blu hotels in the Middle East can vary depending on the specific location and the needs of the hotel. Common job categories you may find at Radisson Blu hotels in the Middle East include:

Hospitality Roles

Food and Beverage


Event and Conference Services

Sales and Marketing

Human Resources

Finance and Administration

Engineering and Maintenance

Spa and Wellness


Additionally, you may also find job listings on popular job search websites and hospitality industry job boards. It's a good idea to tailor your search to the specific location and job category that interests you.

Qualification and Experience Required?

Qualifications and experience requirements for jobs at Radisson Blu hotels in the Middle East will vary depending on the specific position and department. Here are some general guidelines for common roles:

Hospitality Roles (Front Desk, Guest Services)

Qualification: A high school diploma or equivalent is typically required. A degree or diploma in hospitality management can be an advantage.

Experience: Entry-level positions may not require previous experience, but customer service skills are essential. Experience in a similar role can be beneficial for more senior positions.

Food and Beverage (Chefs, Servers, Bartenders)

Qualification: Culinary or hospitality degrees may be necessary for chef positions. For servers and bartenders, a high school diploma or equivalent is usually sufficient.

Experience: Culinary positions often require prior experience in a professional kitchen. Servers and bartenders benefit from previous restaurant or hospitality experience.


Event and Conference Services (Event Planners, Banquet Staff)

Qualification: A degree in hospitality, event management, or a related field can be advantageous for event planners. Banquet staff may only require a high school diploma.

Experience: Event planning positions may require several years of relevant experience, while banquet staff may require little to no prior experience.

Sales and Marketing

Qualification: A degree in marketing, business, or a related field is often required.

Experience: Previous experience in sales and marketing is typically necessary, and experience in the hotel industry can be a plus.

Human Resources and Finance and Administration.

Qualification: Degrees in human resources, finance, or related fields are usually required for these roles.

Experience: Relevant experience in HR or finance is typically necessary, and specific certifications may be required for some positions.

It's essential to review specific job listings for Radisson Blu hotels in the Middle East, as they will outline the precise qualifications and experience requirements for each position.

How to Apply Job in Radisson Blu Hotel

To apply for a job at Radisson Blu Hotel in Middle East you can follow these general steps we share below Apply links Just click on "APPLY NOW" you will be redirected to vacant positions best of luck for your future.

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