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AUE Careers – The American University in the Emirates

AUE Careers – The American University in the Emirates

AUE Careers – The American University in the Emirates. The American University in the Emirates (AUE) is a prominent institution of higher education located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Established in 2006, AUE is committed to providing a world-class education with a focus on American-style teaching methodologies. The university offers a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate programs across various disciplines, including business administration, law, communication, and engineering.

Jobs in The American University in the Emirates

Job opportunities at The American University in the Emirates (AUE) may vary across different departments and positions. The university typically hires faculty and staff to support its academic programs, administrative functions, and various other roles. Common job categories at universities like AUE include:

Faculty Positions: Professors, associate professors, and lecturers in various academic disciplines.

Administrative Positions: Administrative roles in areas such as admissions, human resources, finance, marketing, and student services.

Research Positions: Opportunities for researchers and research assistants involved in academic or industry-related projects.

Support Staff: Roles in IT, facilities management, library services, and other support functions.

Student Services: Positions related to advising, counselling, and student affairs.

Interested individuals can check the university's career page, submit applications online, and follow the application process specified for each position. Additionally, networking with professionals in the academic community and keeping an eye on industry-specific job boards can also be helpful in discovering job opportunities at AUE.

Qualification And Experience Required?

Qualifications and experience requirements for jobs at The American University in the Emirates (AUE) will vary depending on the specific position and its responsibilities. However, in general, here are some common qualifications and experience expectations for different types of roles:

Faculty Positions

Ph.D. or relevant terminal degree in the field of specialization.

Strong academic record and research background.

Teaching experience, preferably at the university level.

Publications and contributions to the field may be required for higher academic positions.

Administrative Positions

Bachelor's or Master's degree in a relevant field.

Professional certifications or additional qualifications related to the specific role may be required.

Previous administrative experience in higher education or a related field.

Research Positions

Master's or Ph.D. in a relevant field, depending on the nature of the research.

Previous research experience, including publications and project management skills.

Support Staff

Relevant educational background and professional certifications, depending on the role.

Previous experience in a similar administrative or support role.

Student Services

Bachelor's or Master's degree in counseling, student affairs, or a related field.

Experience in student services or counselling roles.

The university may also provide contact information for inquiries, allowing candidates to seek clarification or additional details regarding the application process and job requirements. Additionally, networking with current or former employees of the university may provide valuable insights into the expectations for specific positions.

How to Apply Job in (AUE)

To apply for a position at The American University in the Emirates (AUE), follow these general steps we share below Apply links Just click on "APPLY NOW" you will be redirected to vacant positions just create a user account on their career portal and submit your update resume we wish best of luck for your future.


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