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Jobs In Etisalat Telecom Dubai

Jobs In Etisalat Telecom Dubai

Jobs In Etisalat Telecom Dubai. If you are interested in relocating to Dubai, or are already living there, and are looking for a career in the telecommunications industry, you are probably interested in find out more about jobs in Etisalat Telecom Dubai. This large telecom group is one of the country's biggest employers and offers a range of employment options both for those looking for an entry level role and those with extensive experience in the telecommunications sector.

Who Are Etisalat Telecom?

Etisalat Telecom is a leading global telecom group in emerging markets with a current market cap of more than 132 billion AED. The company's net revenues are 51.7 billion and its net profits are around 8.3 billion per year, making it one of the world's most profitable telecom groups.

As it also has a high credit rating, it reflects the company's impressive long term performance. Etisalat Telecom has now been established for 4 decades and was the United Arab Emirates' first provider of telecommunications services. The Etisalat Group is also an international blue chip organisation, providing innovative services and solutions to over 160 million subscribers across 17 countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Job Sectors Within Etisalat Telecom

There are many job sectors within the Etisalat Telecom group and those who are looking for employment are sure to be able to find a position to suit their skillset and experience. The sectors covered by Etisalat include:

Brand & Communication
Carrier and Wholesale
Contracts and Administration
Corporate Communication
Corporate Governance
Customer Care
Government and VVIP
Human Resources
Information Technology
Regulatory Affairs

These many and varied sectors mean that there are opportunities available for those who have a wide range of qualifications and diverse experience.

Opportunities For All Levels

Those who are seeking an entry level position will find that there are vacancies within certain areas of the company. Customer services and sales are two of the areas in which new starters with no previous experience may be able to find a suitable position as long as they have a good standard of education, a personable manner and a good ability to problem solve.

There are also ample opportunities for those who have specialist skills and particular qualifications in certain fields. For example, those who have qa law degree and experience in legal practice may be able to secure a position within Etisalat's legal department, whereas those who have ICT certification and a good knowledge of programming languages may be suited to a position within Etisalat's information technology department.

The amount of necessary experience and the qualifications which are deemed to be necessary by the company will, of course, vary between positions, however in general the most basic requirement is the completion of high school education to a reasonable standard.

How to Apply Jobs In Etisalat Telecom Dubai

The first place that you should begin your search for jobs with Etisalat Telecom in Dubai. We are sharing apply links in below just click on "APPLY NOW"you will be redirected to the vacancies which are vacant just create an account on it update your bio and then submit your resume best of luck for your future Application.


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