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Fruit Picking Jobs In Australia 2023

Fruit Picking Jobs In Australia 2023

Fruit Picking Jobs In Australia 2023. Fruit picking jobs in Australia are very popular with young people who are heading off for a gap year down under and with those who are enjoying a backpacking holiday.

A great way of earning money to fund a trip while seeing the country, there are jobs in the fruit picking industry available across the whole of Australia and since seasonal work is a good way of extending a working holiday visa by another year, it's a fantastic way to get more out of your stay.

What Does Fruit Picking Involve?

Fruit picking is regarded as seasonal work and must be at least 3 months in duration. Australia's fruit picking season varies due to changes in temperatures and weather patterns but generally begins in around December, finishing in about May.

Fruit picking is hard work, so applicants must be healthy and fit. They must also be prepared to spend the entire day outdoors in hot sunshine.

How Much Do Fruit Picking Jobs In Australia Pay?

Fruit pickers may either be paid by the hour of by the total amount of fruit picked in the day. Wages are based on the casual farm work wage rate for Australia which comes in at around $21.6 per hour.

Where To Find Fruit Picking Jobs In Australia

Australia is an extremely large country and therefore, if you want to find a fruit picking job, you'll need to decide where you want to go.


Queensland is responsible for growing around a third of the country's vegetables and fruit and bananas are an especially common crop for fruit picking, especially in the Tully area.

There are over 120 kinds of fruits and vegetables being picked in this state throughout the year and therefore there are plenty of positions available.
New South Wales

There are lots of seasonal jobs in this state too, with November to April being the busiest season. Grape picking for the wineries in the Riverina region is common and onion and orange picking are also possible here.


November to April is the primary fruit picking season in Victoria and there is lots of work available in the centre northern area around Shepparton. Swan Hill and Mildura also have plenty of fruit picking and harvesting jobs with orchard fruits, soft fruits, grapes and tomatoes being common.

Tasmania's fruit picking season runs from December to March and is mainly apple picking in the Huon district.
South Australia

There are fruit picking jobs available throughout the year here, with soft and citrus fruits being grown in the Riverland area and grape-picking being available in the Barossa Valley.
Western Australia

The south western area of this state is the best place to find fruit picking work, with orchard fruits and grapes being harvested between October and June.
Northern Territory

The Northern Territory's fruit picking season lasts all year long, with October and November being the season for mango picking in Darwin and Katherine and the rest of the year being ideal for picking citrus fruits.

Where To Find Fruit Picking Jobs In Australia

It's often possible to wait until you arrive in Australia to find a fruit picking job, however for those who want to be organized before they head off, there are many websites which can prove to be a useful resource such as the Backpacker Job Board which lists many vacancies around the country for immediate starts.


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