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Supermarket Jobs in Singapore: Sheng Siong Supermarket is Hiring Now

Supermarket Jobs in Singapore: Sheng Siong Supermarket is Hiring Now

Supermarket Jobs in Singapore Sheng Siong Supermarket is Hiring Now. Singapore has 4 main supermarket chains with varying focuses. Some have their emphasis on low prices while other offer excellent quality meal, others focus on fresh fruit and vegetables and some offering online delivery. The main brands include:

Sheng Siong - there are 33 branches of this chain although most are in the heartlands of the country.

Cold Storage - there are 48 stores which are located in large expat communities.

FairPrice Finest - there are 15 outlets which are in major shopping centers.

Giant - Giant offers many outlets all over the country with both small stores and hypermarkets.

Market Place - this is a high end supermarket

Jasons - this is another high end supermarket

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to finding supermarket jobs in Singapore, and there are posts to suit all types of applicant.

What Types Of Supermarket Jobs In Singapore Are There?

Singapore's supermarkets offer jobs across a broad spectrum of sectors including:

Shelf stacking
Customer service
Human resources

There are both full time and part time jobs available to suit the needs of all applicants.

Where To Find Supermarket Jobs In Singapore

There are many places where supermarket jobs in Singapore are advertised. Probably the best place to start is on the supermarket brands' own websites where all posts are generally listed across all of the branches nationwide.

It is usually possible to carry out an advanced search either by keyword, working conditions or job sector in order to find a job that best suits your experience and skills. Most supermarket jobs in Singapore are also listed on general job listing websites, like Indeed, Quikr and JobStreet. These will give a more general overview of all of the different supermarket jobs in Singapore rather than having to go to each brand's website one at a time to search the careers pages individually.

What Skills Are Needed For Supermarket Jobs In Singapore?

The skills required for supermarket jobs in Singapore depend on the position applied for. Basic level positions usually only require a good level of high school education while more senior posts almost always require the applicant to hold a degree in a related subject as well as considerable experience in the retail industry.

Good customer service skills are essential when working in any of Singapore's supermarkets and computer literacy is also key to several roles, especially those in administration. Communication skills are very important, especially for jobs which involve contact with the public, and for certain posts, industry specific qualifications may also be required.

How To Apply For Supermarket Jobs In Singapore

If you have found a job that you wish to apply for in a supermarket in Singapore you can often apply directly through the supermarket brand's own website's Careers portal. 

Once you have determined which posts you are interested in applying for, you can create an applicant account by entering your current personal details and submit a current CV which can then be submitted online in order for your application to be passed on to the supermarket chain's recruitment department. 

They can then peruse your form and determine whether or not to invite you to attend an interview after which, if you are successful, you will be offered the position.


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