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How to get An EU Blue Card in Germany

How to get An EU Blue Card in Germany

How to get An EU Blue Card in Germany. If you want to relocate to Germany in order to live and work, you may need to apply for an EU Blue Card if you are from a non-EU country.

This document gives the holder the legal right to remain in the country as a worker and acts as evidence to prove this fact. If you want to know how to get an EU Blue Card in Germany, this article will help you to find out the answers to all of the key questions that you need to know.

Who Can Obtain An EU Blue Card?

Any citizen from a non-EU state may apply for an EU Blue Card if they have obtained a university degree from a German university or if they have already obtained an accredited university degree from a foreign university that is comparable to that awarded from a German institution, and if they have been offered an employment contract with a German company that has a salary of a minimum of 50,800 Euros per year (or 4,134 Euros per month) or an employment contract in a shortage occupation (such as science, mathematics, engineering, medicine or information technology) that pays a minimum of 39,624 Euros per year (or 3,302 Euros per month).

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Is It Necessary To Apply For The Blue Card Before Entering Germany?

Someone from overseas must apply for their Blue Card before they come to Germany. The application must be made to the German embassy in their home country.

How Long Is The Validity Period For The Blue Card?

The validity period for the Blue Card is four years, however if the employment contract offered to the applicant is for a period of under four years, the EU Blue Card is only valid for the period of the contract plus a further three months. It is possible to extend a Blue Card once its validity period has expired.

Can A Blue Card Holder Apply For Permanent Residency?

It is possible to apply for permanent residency in Germany after holding the Blue Card for a total of 33 months or more. If the holder has knowledge of the German language at level B1 or above, it is possible to make an application for permanent residency at an earlier stage after just 21 months. If the holder has already been living in a different EU country with an EU Blue Card, this period of time is also taken into consideration when applying for permanent residency in Germany.

Will the Blue Card Be Invalidated If The Holder Leaves The Country?

The holder of the EU Blue Card is permitted to leave the EU for a period of up to 12 months before they lose the right to remain in the EU or Germany. Once the holder has remained in Germany for a total period of 18 months or more, they are then permitted to move within the EU to a different country.

What Are The Rules Regarding Spouses Being Employed In Germany?

The spouse of an EU Blue Card holder may work without any restriction in Germany and does not have to wait to undertake employment. Spouses do not have to prove their ability in the German language and therefore no knowledge of German is necessary.

How to Get an EU Blue Card in Germany

In order to apply for an EU Blue Card, the applicant must complete the necessary application form themselves, or ask their new German employer to complete it on their behalf.

They must also be able to supply a recognized university degree and prove that they have been offered an employment contract by a German employer for a minimum of one year. If the applicant is working in a regulated profession, they must also hold the relevant license or certificate for that profession and applicants must be able to demonstrate that their salary will exceed the German average by 1.5 times or by 1.2 times if they are in a shortage profession.

They will need to submit a written employer's declaration and show their valid travel document or passport. Applicants must not pose any threat to security, public policy or the health of the country. Two recent passport photographs must be submitted along with the application together with the necessary fee.

If an applicant does not have a degree from a university, they must be able to show that they have five years of relevant work experience in their chosen profession.

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