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Hospitality Jobs in Melbourne Australia

Hospitality Jobs in Melbourne Australia

Hospitality Jobs in Melbourne Australia. The state of Victoria is one of the best known tourist hotspots in Australia, so it is easy to see why its hospitality industry is booming. Victoria is home to around 5.6 million people and, of those, almost three quarters live in the state's capital Melbourne, which is also the country's second largest city. Melbourne is perhaps one of Australia's best known cities, famous as the home of popular soap operas like Neighbors, and with its many impressive attractions, it is no wonder that so many tourists flock here every year. Melbourne's hospitality industry is key to the state's economy, with around 2 million international tourists visiting the city each year and around 57.7 million domestic visitors staying overnight during a visit to the city. There are therefore plenty of hospitality jobs in Melbourne, Australia and this thriving industry is an ideal career for people with all levels of experience, from those looking for an entry level post to those with existing qualifications and experience in this sector.

Hotels in Melbourne

There are literally hundreds of hotels in Melbourne, ranging from five star luxury resorts to boutique properties and small B&Bs. Many world famous chain hotels have a property here, and you will find many recognizably names among the city's top places to stay including the Hyatt, Holiday Inn, Mercure and Novotel. From large hotels that boast all mod cons and facilities to smaller, intimate settings, there are countless types of accommodation that make up Melbourne's hospitality industry.

Types of Hospitality Jobs in Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne's many accommodation options are a welcome source of hospitality jobs in Melbourne Australia. There are jobs that are suited to all levels of experience, qualification and skill and on all types of basis from full time and part time to shift work and casual, and from permanent to temporary. Some examples of types of hospitality jobs in Melbourne Australia you may see advertised include:

Hotel Management
Event organisation
Food preparation
Food service
Bar service
Customer Service

Where To Find Hospitality Jobs In Melbourne, Australia

If you are searching for a suitable hospitality jobs in Melbourne Australia there are many places that you can begin your search. While it is always possible to go to hotels and to hand in your CV on the off chance that there may be a role suited to your skills, there are many more direct ways to find a position. The internet is probably the best place to start job hunting as hospitality jobs are listed on numerous general job websites for the Melbourne area. Sites such as Indeed, Scoutjobs, Seek and Gumtree are all good places to find general listings, especially if you are looking for an entry level post. There are also several sites that are solely dedicated to listings for the hospitality industry. Sites like Coffeejobs and HospitalityOnline are a great place to find listings for vacancies all over the city at all levels. Alternatively, you could visit the websites of some of the individual hotel brands to see if they have any listings in the Melbourne area that would suit your abilities. Even the independent hotels in the area may list openings on their websites and so they are definitely worth a visit. You could even take all of the hard work out of finding a hospitality job by registering with a hospitality focused recruitment agency. Agencies like Frontline Hospitality, VIP Personnel Hospitality and First Personnel are all specialist hospitality employment agencies and can find suitable roles for those who are looking for both permanent and casual work within the industry.

Skills Required To Work In Hospitality Jobs in Melbourne Australia

Hospitality Jobs in Melbourne Australia. Depending on the role that you are applying for within the hospitality industry, different skills will be required. For an entry level post, it is likely that you will only need to show that you have a good level of high school education and that you are keen and eager to offer a high level of enthusiasm in your chosen role. Customer service skills are usually paramount within this sector and people skills and good communication are usually essential. For more specific roles such as hotel management, you will need to have suitable qualifications within the industry, perhaps a hospitality management degree, and several years of experience in a similar role.

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