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How to Apply Permanent Residence UK

How to Apply Permanent Residence UK

If you are settled in the UK and want to stay indefinitely with no restrictions on the type or amount of work that you do, you are probably wondering how to apply for permanent residence in the UK. This means that you are no longer subject to any restrictions and there is no longer any time limit on how long you can live in the country. There are many people who are eligible to apply and this article will help you to find out more about the application process and when you can put it in motion.

What Is Permanent Residency?

Permanent residence refers to a status of immigration which can be awarded to someone who is not a naturalized UK citizen but who has been permitted to stay in the country without facing any time restrictions on their stay and who is allowed to work in any type of employment or study on any course without any limits. It is important to note that it is not permanent however and if the holder lives outside of the country for over two years continuously their status can be revoked. Settled status is the most common route to become a naturalized citizen or to becoming registered as a British citizen. It is also relevant if the non-British citizen holder gives birth to a child while in the UK as unless at least one of its parents is a holder of settled status the child is not automatically awarded British citizenship

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Who Can Apply For Residence In The UK?

Most immigrants can eventually apply, however the length of time after which they are eligible after relocating to the country varies from case to case. Here are some of the timescales involved:

0 years

A child or adopted child with an age of under 18 years who is permitted to enter the country with parents or relatives who are considered to be "settled" and who are also resident in the UK
A parent, dependent relative or grandparent aged over 18 of someone who is both settled and resident in the UK
Anyone given permission to relocate to the UK for a period of up to 27 months or to extend their stay for 2 years as the spouse, civil partner or same sex partner of a settled resident and who was still in the relationship at the time that permission was given and can prove that that relationship has now permanently broken down due to violence.

2 years

Anyone who has been living with temporary permission in the UK as a spouse, same sex or unmarried partner of a settled individual or British citizen and who still lives with that partner if that permission was given before 8 July 2012

4 years

Anyone who has been living in the UK for 4 years on a visa issued before 3 April 2006 under the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme and the Employment Not Requiring Work Permit
Any commonwealth citizen who has been a serving member of the British armed forces for a minimum of 4 years

5 years

Anyone who has been resident for 5 years with a visa for any of the following:
Tier 1 or 2
Work Permit
Businessperson permit
Innovator permit
Investor permit
Representatie of overseas media
Private servant or domestic worker of diplomatic or private household
Employee of an overseas government
Religious minister, member of a religious order or missionary
Airport-based staff of overseas airline
Self employed lawyer
Artist, composer or writer
UK ancestry
HSMP migrant
A retiree with independent income
Sole representative of overseas business
Anyone given humanitarian protection after 30 August 2005
Anyone living in the UK or 5 years under the Gateway Protection Programme
Anyone living in the UK with temporary permission for 5 years as a spouse or civil partner of a settled resident or British citizen and who is still in the same relationship

6 years

Anyone living in the UK with discretionary leave

10 years

Anyone living lawfully continuously in the UK for 10 years as long as they have never left the country for over 18 months in total during that time or for more than 6 month in any one stay. 

14 years

Anyone living unlawfully in the UK for 14 years continuously or as a mixture of a lawful and unlawful stay.

How To Apply For Residency In The UK

If you are eligible to apply you must download the correct application form from the UK Government website, complete it and send it to the address shown on the form. You will need to send relevant documentation to support your application and you will also have to pay a fee unless you are a refugee or have been given humanitarian protection. After submitting your application you will also be required to supply bio metric information including a digital photograph and fingerprints.

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