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Unilever Job Vacancies In Middle East

Unilever Job Vacancies In Middle East

Unilever Job Vacancies In Middle East. As a British and Dutch international consumer goods company, Unilever produces a number of well known products including cleaning agents, beverages, foods and personal care products. 

It has the title of biggest consumer goods company in the world and is the 7th most valuable company in Europe with products available around the world in over 190 countries. Unilever owns more than 400 different brands and also has its own development and research facilities.

 There are many excellent Unilever job vacancies in Middle East at both graduate and professional level, so whether you are a student who is just leaving university and are looking for your first post or whether you are already in employment and have several years of experience in a similar industry, Unilever is a company that is keen to receive applications from talented individuals.

Types Of Unilever Job Vacancies In Middle East

There are many Unilever job vacancies in Middle East across many different sectors including:

Supply Chain
Customer Development
Human Resources
Research and development
Information Technology
General management
Information and analytics

There are both full time and part time positions on offer and there are posts to suit a wide range of candidates.

Where To Find Unilever Job Vacancies In Middle East

The best place to source Unilever Job Vacancies in Middle East is on the company's own website. Here, you can find their well designed careers portal which gives prospective applicants all of the information that they need to apply for the job of their choice. 

Here you can perform a job search for suitable roles by filtering down the criteria by job field, location, posting date, job level, shift pattern and job schedule. You can also apply for posts through the website to make it even more convenient to make your application.

What Skills And Qualifications Are Required?

The varied skills and qualifications required depend on the position being applied for. The minimum requirement for entry level posts such as warehouse operative positions is a high school diploma, however a relevant degree is often necessary for many higher level positions, and industry specific qualifications are also often required. For managerial and higher level positions, significant experience will also be required. Communication skills, the ability to work as part of a team and computer literacy are all other vital skills for many jobs with Unilever.

Why Work For Unilever?

Unilever offers its employees many different benefits including a competitive salary, paid holidays, sick pay, health and wellness benefits and excellent career development programs.

Graduate Posts

Unilever also offers posts specifically to new graduates to get them on the career ladder in their chosen path. University graduates are invited to apply to join the Unilever Future Leaders program which will help talented individuals to get to the top of the career ladder in a shorter space of time. Unilever also offers an internship program.

The Application Process

If you want to apply for Unilever job vacancies in Middle East you need to make your application online. This is easy and quick to do. You will then complete your profile assessment to assess your social, emotional and cognitive traits.

There is also a digital interview in which you need to solve some real life issues using Unilever based scenarios. You will need to do this with your computer and webcam or smartphone. You may then be asked to attend a Discovery Center Day to give you a clearer idea of what working for Unilever involves including attending a project meeting with prospective colleagues, a short meetings with the senior managers, a team meeting with other prospective candidates and a face to face meeting with the prospective department manager.

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