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How To Get A Job In Qatar Airways

How To Get A Job In Qatar Airways

How To Get A Job In Qatar Airways. Working for an airline is always an excellent career move, with lots of different employment opportunities available from cabin crew to administrative positions. Whether you are looking for an entry level post or have many years of experience in your field, there is sure to be a position to suit your skillset.

Qatar Airways is one of the world's best known and most popular airlines. With their base in the Middle East, they serve every continent and have earned numerous accolades and awards for their impressive customer service. If you want to know how to get a job in Qatar Airways, this article will give you all of the advice that you could need.

Employment Sectors At Qatar Airways

As is the case with every airline, there is a wide range of employment types available through Qatar Airways. Some of the available sectors include:

Airline Pilot
Cabin Crew
Health and Safety
Airport Services
Human Resources
Customer Support

Where Are Jobs With Qatar Airways Located?

While Qatar Airways' main hub is in Doha in the Middle East, there are positions available with this airline all over the world, on all six continents. Whether you are based in North or South America, Europe, Asia, Africa or Australasia, you are sure to find an opportunity close to you.

Qatar Airways Recruitment Events

Qatar Airways makes it very easy for interested applicants to find out more about vacancies that suit their skills and experience. On their website, there is a section dedicated to the current openings within the organization and the helpful search function enables users to quickly enter their criteria, such as city, role type, country search and keyword, in order to find suitable positions as quickly as possible.

Applications can be made online, making it very simple to submit the relevant forms. There are also regular recruitment events held all over the world by this airline for those who are interested in applying for positions within certain employment sectors such as cabin crew, customer service, airline pilots, or cargo handling. Some of these events are open to members of the public, whereas others are by invitation only, and all of the relevant information about how to attend can be found on the company's website.

How To Apply

If you spot a position that you are interested in on the Qatar Airways website, you can register with the site in order to submit your application. Once you have made your one-time registration, you can check back regularly to see the status of your application and to find out more about whether you have been invited to an interview.

If there are currently no vacancies in your area in your particular field of interest, you can request a job alert, where you will be contacted as soon as something suitable comes up.

What Sort Of Skills Are Necessary To Work For Qatar Airways?

The type of skills and qualifications that you require to secure employment with Qatar Airways depends very much on the kind of role that you are applying for. For example, if you are seeking a role as a pilot, your required skillset will be very different from that required for a customer service operative.

Usually, as a minimum, you will be expected to have a good standard of secondary level education, and you may also be required to have specific qualifications within your particular industry. Higher level roles, such as management and engineering positions, will require the applicant to have degree level qualifications as well as several years of relevant experience in a similar role within a similar industry.

Excellent inter-personal skills are generally required for the majority of roles, especially those that involve customer contact, and for all roles that come into contact with the public, a good working knowledge of the language of the country in question is essential.

Does Qatar Airways Arrange Visas?

Although Qatar Airways may arrange visas for exceptional candidates in some cases, this airline generally prefers to hire the majority of its staff from the local area in question. When it comes to internships, Qatar Airways will only offer these to Qatari citizens and not to any applicants from other countries.

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