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How To Find a Job in USA as a Foreigner

How To Find a Job in USA as a Foreigner

How To Find a Job in USA as a Foreigner. Living and working in the USA is the dream of many people, but unfortunately it can be quite difficult to make that dream come true. To be offered a visa to the USA, you will first need to be offered employment with an American company, and while this can be quite challenging to accomplish, it is not impossible. Here is a basic guide to how to find a job in USA as a foreigner.

Obtaining An American Visa

It is only possible to enter the USA legally by obtaining the appropriate visa. There are two types of employment visa that you may be eligible for if you gain employment in America:
A Temporary Working Visa which allows the applicant to enter the USA for a specific period of time for a particular purpose. With this visa type, the holder must return to their home country once the period of the visa elapses and they can only do the specific job that they came to the country to do.
A Permanent (Immigrant) Working Visa which enables the applicant to work and live permanently in the country.
To obtain either of these visa types you will need to have already secured an offer of employment with an American business.

Where To Find A Job In The USA

You have several options when it comes to finding a sponsored job in the USA that will enable you to relocate to the country. Here are some of the most tried and tested methods:

Classified sections of newspapers - most of the biggest and best American newspapers have online editions which advertise current vacancies. The jobs which are advertised in these publications tend to be for higher level positions such as academic roles.

Online - the internet is perhaps your most important tool when it comes to job hunting in the USA. Many job sites now allow online applications meaning that you can submit your application even if you do not live in the country. The majority of online recruitment portals allow you to make a customized search within specific regions and job sectors. Another possibility is to place your CV on several general job websites which allows companies that are searching for specific skills to find and contact you. Sites such as, and are all good places to start your job search, although Craigs List is another good alternative.

Private recruitment agencies - there are several private job agencies online which have a key role in supplying skilled workers to the American labor market. These are a great option if you are looking for a senior position or a post that requires specific qualifications. Search for an agency which specializes in your industry sector and submit your CV. It will then be made available to employers who are searching for candidates that match your profile.

Speculative application - If there is a particular company that you have an interest in working for, you could search for their website and check to see if they are currently hiring. Even if there are no current vacancies, it could still be worth sending a speculative application as this is common practice in the USA. Submit your American-style CV and application letter stating your strengths and skills to the firm's personnel department and you may find that they will contact you before the advertise for a similar position to be filled.

Network - perhaps the best way of finding a job in the USA is to use your network of contacts. Before you even think about relocating to America, you should try to form a wider network by using sites like LinkedIn to meet other people within your industry and to make contact with those who may be able to help you to find a suitable position. If you have friends or family living in the USA, they may be well placed to help you secure employment and will be better able to find jobs through a range of other methods that require you to have a physical presence in the country, for example by searching through local newspapers.

Which Skills Are Necessary To Find A Job In The USA As A Foreigner

Of course, the necessary skills you will require depend on the type of job that you are applying for, but in any case you will almost certainly need at least a basic working grasp of written and spoken English, good inter-personal skills and a reasonable standard of high school education. A higher level degree or specific industry qualifications would be a strong advantage.

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