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Find Jobs in Canada with Sponsor Visa

Find Jobs in Canada with Sponsor Visa

Find Jobs in Canada with Sponsor Visa. Canada has a very high rate of employment, which makes it a very attractive country for those overseas who are interested in immigrating.

Although the labor market in Canada can be extremely competitive, one way of being sure of securing a position to support you financially is to find jobs in Canada with a sponsor visa.

What Is The Canadian Employer Sponsored Visa?

This visa type allows a worker from overseas to come on a temporary basis to Canada to work for a specific employer. This is the route that is most commonly used by businesses to bring talented staff members, high level executives and those with specific relevant skills into the country to work for them.

The employer must be able to demonstrate in many industry categories that no suitable Canadian citizen can be found to undertake the role, although there are some employment categories that do not require validation by the Canadian Human Resource Center including some performers and musicians, intra-company transfers of senior managers, religious or charitable volunteers, exchange professors, post-doctorate fellows and film crews.

How to Find Jobs in Canada with a Sponsor Visa

If you wish to come to Canada using this visa route, you will first need to search and apply for a suitable job to match your skillset in Canada and be successful in securing the position.

There are many websites online which list jobs that are aimed at overseas workers who want to come to work in Canada, with some being specific to particular industries such as technical or IT occupations and others being more general, listing a broad spectrum of roles.

Canada has its own Job Bank website, which is an excellent starting point for anyone looking for an employer sponsor, and there are also a number of employment agencies which specialize in finding staff who wish to relocate abroad and can connect you to employers within your industry who are looking for staff with your skills.

You may also find that there are a number of Working Abroad events or international trade fairs held in your country with representatives from the Canadian workforce attending. Going to one of these events and meeting prospective employers in person is a great way of forming contacts and links within the Canadian employment sector and is much more likely to lead to an offer of suitable employment.

Once you have found a suitable post, your prospective employer will then be able to apply for the necessary Labor Market Impact Assessment which is required before the visa application process can begin. Once this has been done, your employer will be permitted to sponsor you to relocate to the country and you can apply for your visa online.

How Long Does A Temporary Employer Sponsored Visa Last?

Usually, an employer sponsored visa will last for a period of four years maximum; however this is dependent upon your employer continuing to require your services and to act as your sponsor.

If you wish to change jobs within this four year period, your new employer will have to submit an application to CIC and be accepted as a suitable sponsor for your visa.

What Skills Must I Have To Be Accepted For An Employer Sponsored Visa?

If you are hoping to relocate to Canada under an employer sponsored visa, you will need to be in possession of several essential skills in order to be eligible.

Of course, you will have to have relevant skills, experience and qualifications within the industry that you are working in, and at a level that are considered to be appropriate for the position that you are applying for.

You will also need to have acceptable language skills in either English or French and that you are eligible to apply for any necessary licenses or registrations that are necessary to undertake the role that you have applied for.

Other Types of Employer Sponsored Visa for Canada

If you wish to come to Canada to work on a permanent basis, there are some employer sponsored opportunities that you can take advantage of.

The Canadian government have some fast track systems to allow an employer to sponsor a potential worker so that they can be granted a visa in as short a period as possible, within a 6 month period.
The Express Entry system was recently introduced to allow Canadian employers to permanently hire international candidates for professional, trade and managerial posts. There are three classes of this system:

Federal Skilled Worker program - for employees who have experienced in a skilled occupation under the NOC

Canadian Experience Class - for workers who are already in Canada being employed on a temporary basis

Federal Skilled Trades Program - for those who are skilled in a particular trade.

There is also the Provincial Nominee Program which allows employers within certain areas of Canada to sponsor an employee to fill a labor shortage gap. This can include positions at all levels including lower or mid-skilled roles.

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