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Customer Service Jobs in Canada

Customer Service Jobs in Canada

Customer Service Jobs in CanadaIf you are searching for employment in Canada, you may want to consider applying for positions in the field of customer service.

There are plenty of openings in this industry and there is a lot of variety in the type of roles available. Customer service is also one of the best options open to immigrants as language skills are a priority and speaking a foreign language is a definite asset in this field of employment.

In fact around 20% of people employed in the Canadian customer service industry are immigrants compared to just 14% spread through the general workforce. If you want to find out more about customer service jobs in Canada, this article can give you some useful information as to how to find a suitable position and the types of skills that you will require.

Why Is Customer Service A Good Choice of Career In Canada?

There is plenty of potential in the customer service sector. Firstly there is a high demand for experienced and qualified staff in all fields of customer service and there is also a wealth of employment opportunities in this area as all kinds of companies are realizing the importance of customer satisfaction.

The growth of the call center industry means that there are a wide number of opportunities within the sector and with a fairly high turnover, there are always vacancies being advertised.

There are openings at all skills levels, from entry level positions to high level customer service management, so whether you are looking for first job, are looking to switch career paths or have years of experience in the industry there is certain to be a position to suit your skills set.

What Kinds Of Customer Service Jobs Are Available?

There are plenty of different job titles on offer in the customer service sector. These include such roles as:

Call center operative

Information clerks

Complaints handlers

Counter inquiry clerks

Courtesy desk agents

Public relations clerks

Tourist information service operatives

Lost and found assistants

Bus information clerks

Order desk agents

Which Sectors Have Customer Service Positions Available?

Much of the customer service work available is in the call center industry, working for a wide range of companies including banks, catalogues, and utility companies and telecommunications services.

Business support services all have a lot of customer service roles on offer and there are also a significant number of vacancies within the public administration sector.

There are even some openings within the manufacturing and trade sectors, although the majority of customer service vacancies are in the service industry, including travel, tourism and hospitality.

What Qualifications Are Necessary To Get Customer Service Jobs In Canada?

The qualifications required to secure a role in the customer service industry in Canada varies depending on the role itself and on the sector. However the majority of employers require a good secondary education as an absolute minimum along with excellent communication skills. In some sectors, a degree level qualification is an asset and in many areas a second language is a bonus.

There are also some specific qualifications in customer service which would be a huge asset including a the CCSP or CCSM qualification. Some experience in the industry would be an advantage depending on the position being applied for and is absolutely essential in the case of an application for a management or supervisory role, however for entry level positions the majority of training would be received on the job.

Where Can I Find Customer Service Jobs In Canada?

There are many sources which can be perused to find customer service jobs in Canada. The internet is a rich source of job adverts in this sector, both from generalized employment websites and also from specific organizations.

Many companies advertise their customer service vacancies on their own websites, including local government websites, and these can be a useful source of employment.

There are also specialist agencies which specialize in supplying customer service staff to a wide range of sectors including call center operatives.

Sending a CV to one or more of these agencies is a great way to open the way to multiple job offers and to get your CV out to lots of companies without expending too much effort on your own behalf as your agency representative will do all the hard work of sourcing suitable employment for you.

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