Saturday, 17 February 2018

Oil And Gas Jobs Dubai In ENOC

Oil And Gas Jobs Dubai In ENOC

Oil And Gas Jobs Dubai In ENOC. Dubai is famous for its strong oil and gas industry, and the Emirates National Oil Company (or ENOC Group) is one of the largest players in the energy sector. Entirely owned and operated by the Government of Dubai, this company operates in the fields of production, exploration, refining, operations, supply, fuel retail, terminals, petroleum products and aviation fuel for both industrial and commercial uses. Operating across more than 60 different markets, ENOC has a workforce of almost 10,000 employees and therefore there are many opportunities for those who are looking for oil and gas jobs Dubai in ENOC.

Types Of Jobs With ENOC

When it comes to finding oil and gas jobs Dubai in ENOC, there are plenty of different sectors to choose from including:


Brand Management
Customer Services
Health and Safety

Public Relations
Risk Management

Customer Services

There are many different contract types available too including Permanent, open contracts, fixed term contracts and consultancy posts.

Where To Find Jobs At ENOC

If you are looking for oil and gas jobs Dubai in ENOC, begin your search on the company's own website. Here, you will discover a dedicated careers portal which has all the information you need about working for this company and how to apply for your chosen position. There is also a job search facility which allows you to adjust the criteria to meet your specific needs, including changing the contract type, the job field, the amount of experience required and whether a driving licence is required.

Benefits Of Working At ENOC

In an attempt to keep the workforce positive and productive, workers at ENOC can enjoy many advantages and benefits. As well as a competitive salary and holiday pay, employees can also take part in number activities arranged by the company to encourage community activities and involvement including social gatherings, health initiatives and programs for families. There is also a corporate wellness program in place with a unit dedicated to promoting employee well being.There are also programs in place to ensure employee suggestions and ideas are taken on board and excellent training opportunities to help workers to progress up their chosen career ladder.

How To Apply

If you find a position that you're interested in applying for on the ENOC website, you can apply through the site's dedicated careers portal. When you have selected a post, simply select it and then create your own applicant account by submitting a few personal details and uploading a current resume. You can then submit your application for any job that meets your criteria. Your application will be passed to the recruitment team who will peruse your job application and determine whether you should be invited to interview.

Skills Required

Depending on the job that you are applying for, a range of skills and experience may be required. Whereas some posts are entry level, most will require some previous experience in a similar field and will require a degree or industry specific qualifications.

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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Latest Jobs At Dubai Health Authority

Latest Jobs At Dubai Health Authority

Latest Jobs At Dubai Health Authority. The DHA or Dubai Health Authority is the provider of a high quality system of healthcare across Dubai by ensuring and setting strategies and policies for healthcare in both private and public clinics and hospitals in Dubai. Working to guarantee the protection of public health and the improvement of quality of life, the DHA provides a strategy to meet the future needs of the country by ensuring partnerships between service providers, providing regulation and licensing across the health sector and increase the system's accountability. If you are interested in applying for the latest jobs at Dubai Health Authority, read on and learn more.

Types Of Jobs

Accident and Emergency


Allergy & Immunology

Alternative Medicine


Application Development
Community Medicine

Diagnostic Medical Imaging

Employee Relations

Geriatric Care
Health and Safety
Human Resources
Laboratory Technician

Technical Support


If you are interested in the latest jobs at Dubai Health Authority, you will be pleased to discover that there are opportunities across a broad spectrum of sectors including:

There are a range of job terms available, from full time and permanent posts to temporary contracts and part time positions, so everyone who is interested in the latest jobs at Dubai Health Authority are sure to find a suitable position to suit their needs.

Where To Find The Latest Jobs At Dubai Health Authority

If you visit the DHA website you can find links which direct you to the Dubai Careers page. This is the official portal for applying for a range of jobs within the Dubai government. Here, you can access the job search facility which enables you to adjust the criteria to meet your particular needs, including choosing the right job sector to suit your skills and experience. You can then apply for your chosen post through the website by simply clicking on the "apply" link and then setting up your own applicant account. You can enter your personal details, upload your up to date resume and you could be on your way to applying for your chosen post.

Skills And Experience

Although there are a few entry level posts available through this employer, the majority of roles are for those who already have a degree, relevant experience within the selected field and industry specific qualifications. As many of the available positions are medical, it goes without saying that appropriate levels of training will be required in order to be successful in the application, and experience for a certain number of years will usually be required. Good communication skills are very important for most jobs as well as effective computer skills and a positive attitude towards members of the public, since most of the available positions require the applicants to have regular contact with patients.

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Monday, 5 February 2018

Find Housekeeping Jobs In USA

Find Housekeeping Jobs In USA

Find Housekeeping Jobs In USA.Whether you already have prior housekeeping experience or whether you are brand new to this sector, you'll be pleased to learn that there are many places you can begin your search for suitable posts. If you need to find housekeeping jobs in USA, you have several different options. Firstly, you can look for jobs with a hotel or alternatively, you can find a private job with an individual or family.

Here are some top tips on how to find housekeeping jobs in USA.

Types Of Housekeeping Jobs In USA

There are several areas in which you can find housekeeping jobs in USA.

Private homes/au pair work
Hotels / B&Bs
Public buildings

There are both full time and part time roles available, so whatever your requirements in terms of shift patterns, you're sure to find something to suit your needs.

Where To Find Housekeeping Jobs In USA

The best place to begin your search is online. There are countless websites on which you can find listings of housekeeping posts, from general job listing websites to agencies that specialize in placing candidates in suitable roles.

General job listing websites will have plenty of suitable posts in both private properties and also in hotels and other public buildings like hospitals. There are jobs to suit the needs of both experienced candidates and those who have never worked in the housekeeping industry before, so you are sure to find something to suit your needs. Sites like are a good place to start.

Another option is to search specific websites which are dedicated to the housekeeping industry. Sites like and are just two of the places where you can start looking. You can upload your own profile so that people who are looking for domestic help can find your resume, and you can also search for suitable roles in the area closest to you.

There are also agencies which specialize in matching candidates with jobs in the housekeeping industry. These agencies are suitable for those who already have some experience as well as those who have never worked as a housekeeper before. There are some which are specifically aimed at people who are keen to relocate to other countries and focus on the au pair side of housekeeping. If you are already living overseas you should register with one of these agencies which will help you to arrange all of the elements of your move to the USA including helping you to find employment and arranging the appropriate visa.

What Kind Of Skills Are Required?

While some housekeeping roles require candidates to have some previous experience, quite often many housekeeping jobs are entry level posts. The key skills required include good communication skills as well as a friendly and approachable attitude and a willingness to work hard. Housekeeping jobs are not always easy and can have long hours, so having the right approach to work is very important. It is unlikely that you will be required to have any prior experience for many housekeeping jobs.

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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Unilever Job Vacancies In Middle East

Unilever Job Vacancies In Middle East

Unilever Job Vacancies In Middle East. As a British and Dutch international consumer goods company, Unilever produces a number of well known products including cleaning agents, beverages, foods and personal care products. It has the title of biggest consumer goods company in the world and is the 7th most valuable company in Europe with products available around the world in over 190 countries. Unilever owns more than 400 different brands and also has its own development and research facilities. There are many excellent Unilever job vacancies in Middle East at both graduate and professional level, so whether you are a student who is just leaving university and are looking for your first post or whether you are already in employment and have several years of experience in a similar industry, Unilever is a company that is keen to receive applications from talented individuals.

Types Of Unilever Job Vacancies In Middle East

There are many Unilever job vacancies in Middle East across many different sectors including:

Supply Chain
Customer Development
Human Resources
Research and development
Information Technology
General management
Information and analytics

There are both full time and part time positions on offer and there are posts to suit a wide range of candidates.

Where To Find Unilever Job Vacancies In Middle East

The best place to source Unilever Job Vacancies in Middle East is on the company's own website. Here, you can find their well designed careers portal which gives prospective applicants all of the information that they need to apply for the job of their choice. Here you can perform a job search for suitable roles by filtering down the criteria by job field, location, posting date, job level, shift pattern and job schedule. You can also apply for posts through the website to make it even more convenient to make your application.

What Skills And Qualifications Are Required?

The varied skills and qualifications required depend on the position being applied for. The minimum requirement for entry level posts such as warehouse operative positions is a high school diploma, however a relevant degree is often necessary for many higher level positions, and industry specific qualifications are also often required. For managerial and higher level positions, significant experience will also be required. Communication skills, the ability to work as part of a team and computer literacy are all other vital skills for many jobs with Unilever.

Why Work For Unilever?

Unilever offers its employees many different benefits including a competitive salary, paid holidays, sick pay, health and wellness benefits and excellent career development programs.

Graduate Posts

Unilever also offers posts specifically to new graduates to get them on the career ladder in their chosen path. University graduates are invited to apply to join the Unilever Future Leaders program which will help talented individuals to get to the top of the career ladder in a shorter space of time. Unilever also offers an internship program.

The Application Process

If you want to apply for Unilever job vacancies in Middle East you need to make your application online. This is easy and quick to do. You will then complete your profile assessment to assess your social, emotional and cognitive traits. There is also a digital interview in which you need to solve some real life issues using Unilever based scenarios. You will need to do this with your computer and webcam or smartphone. You may then be asked to attend a Discovery Center Day to give you a clearer idea of what working for Unilever involves including attending a project meeting with prospective colleagues, a short meetings with the senior managers, a team meeting with other prospective candidates and a face to face meeting with the prospective department manager.

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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Latest Jobs At Jumeirah Group Dubai

Latest Jobs At Jumeirah Group Dubai

Latest Jobs At Jumeirah Group Dubai. Formed in 1997, the Jumeirah Group runs a group of luxury hotels in a number of locations around the world. There are 11 Jumeirah Group properties in Dubai, all of which are highly luxurious hotels and residences that provide a high quality of accommodation to guests. As an extremely prestigious employer this is an excellent company to work for, with many benefits and opportunities for career progression and further development. If you are interested in applying for the latest jobs at Jumeirah Group Dubai, here is all the information that you need to get started.

Types Of Jobs At Jumeirah Group Dubai

There is an enormous breadth of jobs available at the Jumeirah Group, and whether applicants are just starting out with their first ever job or whether they are at the highest level of their career, there are roles to suit their needs with this prestigious organization. Some of the available roles include:

Administrative positions
Customer service
Human resources
Information technology
Food preparation
Food and beverage service
Events management
Public relations
Leisure services
Beautician/Stylist services

There are both full time and part time roles on offer and a variety of shift patterns including night work and rotating shift patterns.

Where To Find The Latest Jobs At Jumeirah Group Dubai

Although the latest jobs at Jumeirah Group Dubai are listed in a number of online locations such as on the standard third party job listing websites like Indeed, GulfTalent and WeJobZ, the best place to begin your search is on the Jumeirah Group website which has a dedicated careers portal and which offers all the information you need to apply for posts. The search facility can be narrowed down in order to show just the jobs that meet your specific requirements so you are sure to find the right role to suit your needs.

What Kinds Of Skills Are Required?

The skills and experience required vary considerably from role to role, however a good standard of education is an absolute minimum. Many roles require industry specific qualifications and some will also require a degree in a related discipline such as hospitality or business management. Good communication skills in both English and Arabic are often required as are excellent computer literacy skills for many jobs. Customer service is also paramount since most jobs with the Jumeirah Group are in regular contact with the public and having a smart appearance is also very important since employees are the public face of a very prestigious organization.

The Jumeirah Group Application Process

Applicants submit their application online through the careers portal. Applicants must upload their details and complete an applicant profile. Once an application is made, each candidate receives their own personal number so they can monitor their application. Should the application be shortlisted by the recruitment team you will then be invited to either an assessment center or interview depending on the job applied for. If you are successful at this next stage, you will be offered the post and will be able to begin work as advised.

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Friday, 26 January 2018

Carrefour Job Vacancies In Dubai

Carrefour Job Vacancies In Dubai

Carrefour Job Vacancies In Dubai. Carrefour is a multinational retailer which has its headquarters in France. As one of the biggest hypermarket chains globally, this company has almost 1500 hypermarkets and operates across 30 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. It is a major employer in the UAE, with 28 supermarkets and 19 hypermarkets across the region. As a large company, it offers many employment opportunities for people at all stages of their career with both skilled and non-skilled work available to suit the needs of a variety of applicants. From part time to full time jobs, there are plenty of options to suit many requirements.

Essential Skills and Requirements To Work At Carrefour

In order to be offered a post at Carrefour in Dubai there are certain requirements which must be met. In general the following skills are essential depending on the position applied for:

Applicants must either have a relevant degree or a professional qualification
Applicants must be able to work well even under pressure
Applicants must preferably have experience of working in a similar retail environment
Fluency in the English language
Excellent computer literacy skills
Strong leadership skills
Good communication skills

In return, Carrefour offers applicants some excellent benefits including an attractive salary package, group life insurance, family medical insurance and transportation benefits.

Types Of Carrefour Job Vacancies In Dubai

Carrefour offers applicants a host of different vacancies including:

Supervisory roles 
Management roles 
Shelf stocking 
Checkout operation
Customer service
Human resources
Project development
Maintenance and housekeeping
Public relations

Where To Find Carrefour Job Vacancies in Dubai

If you are looking for the latest Carrefour job vacancies in Dubai the best place to start your job search is to look on the company's own website. There is an excellent search facility which enables you to search by your chosen criteria i.e. by country, job department or job title. Once you have found a role that meets your skills and experience you can then register with the site to open your own applicant account. This can be done either through the website itself or through LinkedIn or Facebook. You can then enter your personal details and upload your current resume so that your application can be passed on to the recruitment team to see if your skills and experience meet the requirements for the job. Carrefour job vacancies in Dubai are also advertised on third party job websites that list general roles. Sites such as WeJobz, GulfTalent and Indeed all list current vacancies and also allow applicants to submit their application over the internet.

Applying For Future Vacancies

Even if there are no current Carrefour job vacancies in Dubai that meet your skills and experience criteria you can still submit your current resume for consideration for any posts that come up in the future. You can do this through the Carrefour careers web portal and your CV will then be considered whenever jobs come up and you may be invited to interview for posts that match your skillset.

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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Latest Abu Dhabi Airport Job Vacancies

Latest Abu Dhabi Airport Job Vacancies

Latest Abu Dhabi Airport Job Vacancies. Abu Dhabi International Airport is located in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi and is close to Abu Dhabi city. The second biggest airport in the Emirates, this hub serves around 20 million people a year with three passenger terminals. The main carrier here is Etihad Airways, the national carrier of the Emirates, however 30 other airlines serve this airport, offering flights to more than 60 countries and 120 different destinations worldwide. If you are interested in find out more about the latest Abu Dhabi Airport job vacancies, you will be able to find out more here about the types of roles available and how to apply.

Types of Jobs With Abu Dhabi Airport

As Abu Dhabi Airport is a very large organization, it offers an enormous variety of jobs at all levels, from entry level positions right up to top level management and executive roles. There are jobs to suit all kinds of people, from those looking for part time work to those who are wanting to take the next step up their career ladder.

There are jobs across a broad range of niches, including:

Accounts and Administration
Airport Hotel Roles
Car Parking Roles
Contracts and Procurement
Corporate Roles and Services
Employee Services
Executive level posts
Human resources
Customer Services
Quality Assurance
Repairs & Maintenance
Food Preparation and Service in Airport restaurants
Materials and Stores

Where to Find the Latest Abu Dhabi Airport Job Vacancies

The latest Abu Dhabi job vacancies are very easy to find on the airport's own website. There is a dedicated careers portal which lists all current positions vacant so that you can easily perform a search to find jobs that best meet your skillset and previous experience. The careers site offers a very functional and practical job search facility, so you can either browse all of the latest Abu Dhabi Airport job vacancies or you can select a particular sector or category, division or job type. You can easily apply for the latest Abu Dhabi Airport Job Vacancies through the airport's own website.

What Kind Of Skills Are Required?

The type of skills required to work at Abu Dhabi airport varies greatly depending on the kind of role that you want to apply for. There are several entry level posts which are suited for school leavers, including those in maintenance and those in food service, however there are also numerous very skilled occupations including IT jobs and those in the finance department. There are also high level executive and managerial positions which have their own requirements.

If you are applying for an entry level post, you will probably only require a decent level of high school education as well as a good attitude to work, a clean record, a presentable appearance and good customer service and communication skills. If you are applying for a skilled position, several years of experience in a similar post as well as industry specific qualifications or a relevant degree will almost certainly be necessary, and for high level positions, you will need to have had considerable proven successful experience in a similar job. All roles will require good communication skills, and most will also demand a high level of computer literacy as well as good customer service skills, since the airport requires most roles to have ongoing contact with the public.

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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Multiple Job Vacancies At DHL

Multiple Job Vacancies At DHL

Multiple Job Vacancies At DHL. DHL is a well known courier and delivery company which operates around the world, taking packages and items from door to door. The company employs over 500,000 people worldwide and has workers in over 200 countries around the globe. The company is keen to attract high caliber workers and in return offers an excellent employee experience with a strong culture, excellent opportunities for career development and progression and many employee incentives such as awards and accolades. If you want to know about the multiple job vacancies at DHL, read on to find out more.

What Kind Of Jobs Are Available?

DHL offers an enormous variety of jobs in the following fields:

Freight transportation
Couriers and drivers
Engineering and maintenance
Supply chain
Insurance, customs and security
Health and safety
Flight operations and pilots

Student And Graduate Opportunities

As well as offering multiple job vacancies at DHL, there are also specific opportunities for students and graduates including internships and leadership training programs. New entrants to the job market can benefit from DHL's support and development programs with on the job training. There are also apprenticeship opportunities for new school leavers.

Ex-Forces Opportunities

For people who are leaving the armed services and who are looking for a change of career, DHL represents a fantastic opportunity to do well and progress. DHL is committed to supported ex-forces employees and work with other organizations to smooth the transitions between the army, air force or navy and the world of work for this prestigious organization through support, training and resettlement opportunities.

Where To Find Multiple Job Vacancies At DHL

The best place to start looking for multiple job vacancies at DHL is to visit the company's own website. There is a dedicated careers page which contains a wealth of information about the benefits of working for the company, the application procedure and the various job roles that you can apply for as well as offering the opportunity to search for the ideal role to suit your requirements and skillset.

How To Apply For Jobs At DHL

Once you have searched for your perfect job with DHL online on their website, you can begin the application process by taking the following steps: 


First you need to apply through the website. Click on the Apply tab and this will take you to an application form to complete. You must also upload your letters of recommendation and current CV.

Once your application has been submitted, an automatic email will be issued to confirm its receipt. The recruitment team then review the application and determine whether your qualifications and skills meet the requirements of the role.


The next step is to attend an interview. This may be over the telephone or in person. Sometimes, you mat also have to go to an assessment center. All successful applicants will be invited first to a telephone interview. If it goes well, you will then be asked to come to a personal interview. If this stage is successful, you will then need to go in some cases to an assessment center where you will have to complete team exercises and practical assessments.


If you get through this final stage you will complete the final documentation and sign a contract. You will then receive your welcome pack and begin work for DHL.

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