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Job Vacancies in Burj Khalifa Dubai

Job Vacancies in Burj Khalifa Dubai

Job Vacancies in Burj Khalifa Dubai. The Burj Khalifa is the biggest structure anywhere in the world and has a total height of 829.8 meters. It is a popular tourist attraction in Dubai and is well known around the globe. The tower is home to an observation deck, which hosts a multimedia presentation, a top class hotel, several private residences, a restaurant and the Sky lounge.

There are many job opportunities available for people at all levels with this prestigious organisation so if you are looking for job vacancies in Burj Khalifa Dubai you will be in luck as there are posts to suit people who are both experienced and beginning their career journey.

Job Vacancies In Burj Khalifa Dubai

Because the Burj Khalifa is a multipurpose structure, it offers opportunities across a wide range of sectors. The hotel element offers posts in the hospitality industry while the restaurant offers opportunities for those who are interested in food preparation and food service roles. There are also management posts available as well as jobs in the tourist industry. Some of the available job types here include:

Customer Service
Food Service
Food preparation
Events Planning
Human Resources
Beverage Service
Information technology

What Skills And Experience Are Required

The skills and experience necessary to be successful in applying for job vacancies in Burj Khalifa Dubai will depend very much on the position being applied for. For the entry level positions, a good level of high school education is paramount, but for more senior posts, a career specific qualification and significant experience in a similar post is essential.

As many of the roles involve face to face contact with customers, having strong communication skills in both Arabic and English languages is important and good customer service skills are, of course, also a must. Many roles also demand a high level of computer literacy.

How To Apply Job in Burj Khalifa Dubai

If you want to apply job at Burj Khalifa Dubai UAE. you can follow these general steps we share below Apply links Just click on APPLY NOW you will be redirected to vacant positions Simple register for a user account on their careers portal, upload your CV and personal information and then you will be able to apply for any of the roles that you are interested in we wish best of luck for your future.


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