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Emirates Transport Careers in Dubai UAE

Emirates Transport Careers in Dubai UAE

Emirates Transport Careers in Dubai UAE. Emirates Transport is a government-owned entity based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that plays a pivotal role in the country's transportation and logistics sector. Established in 1981, it is responsible for providing a wide range of transportation and logistical services to various government and private sector entities.

Emirates Transport has played a crucial role in supporting the UAE's economic growth by providing reliable and efficient transportation services. Its dedication to quality, safety, and innovation has earned it a reputation as a key player in the nation's transport sector, contributing to the country's development and progress.

Jobs in Emirates Transport

Emirates Transport, being a prominent government-owned entity in the United Arab Emirates, offers a wide range of employment opportunities across various sectors and positions. Job openings at Emirates Transport can encompass roles in transportation, logistics, vehicle maintenance, administration, and more. Here are some common job categories you might find at Emirates Transport:


Mechanics and Technicians

Administrative and Support Staff

Logistics and Supply Chain Professionals

Educational Staff

Management and Leadership Roles

Engineering and Technical Specialists

To find the most current job openings at Emirates Transport, you should visit their official careers portal or check with UAE-based job search platforms and recruitment agencies. They typically list job vacancies and provide details on the application process, qualifications, and requirements for each position.

Qualification Required?

The qualifications required for jobs at Emirates Transport can vary significantly depending on the specific position and department. Emirates Transport offers a wide range of roles in transportation, logistics, maintenance, administration, and other fields, and the qualifications for these positions can differ. Here are some general guidelines:

Educational Qualifications:

For drivers and entry-level positions: High school diploma or equivalent may be sufficient.

For administrative and support staff: Bachelor's or relevant higher education degrees might be required.

Technical roles (mechanics, technicians, engineers): Relevant technical or engineering degrees and certifications may be necessary.

Experience requirements can vary widely. Entry-level positions may require little to no experience, while managerial or specialised roles often require several years of relevant experience.

How to Apply

Should you wish to apply for Emirates Transport Dubai UAE job openings. You can adhere to the general instructions we provide below Apply links. Simply click "APPLY NOW" to be redirected to open positions. To apply for any of the positions in which you are interested, just create a user account on their careers portal, upload your resume and personal data, and good luck in your future Application.


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