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Find Farm Jobs In Canada 2023

Find Farm Jobs In Canada 2023

Find Farm Jobs In Canada 2023. Experts have estimated that by 2030 most Canadians who are currently working in the agricultural industry will have left to enter other career paths. This means that there will be an increasing number of vacancies within the Canadian farming industry and more new workers will be required.

Therefore, if you want to find farm jobs in Canada you could well be in luck. Whether you are currently living in Canada and are looking for a new opportunity or are hoping to relocate to the country and are keen to acquire an agricultural work permit, there are sure to be opportunities that suit your needs.

Finding Farm Work In Canada

If you are from overseas and want to find farm jobs in Canada, you could benefit from using the services of an agricultural work permit recruiter. These organisations work for the Canadian government and strive to fill the key gaps in the Canadian workforce. A recruiter will pre-screen and hire immigrant candidates, placing them in suitable roles in the country.

This makes the process of finding employment and establishing a new way of life in Canada smoother and easier for newcomers. There are many sites which are also dedicated to helping backpackers and gap year travelers to find suitable seasonal agricultural employment in Canad, or, if you already have authorization to be employed in Canada, you could contact the Agricultural Employment Service who will be able to give you relevant information about the harvesting jobs and opportunities in the country.

Another alternative is to find farm jobs in Canada with AgriVenture, a company which recruits farm workers for work placements that last from 5 up to 14 months. Workers receive payment for the work that they do and they also receive free food and accommodation.

When working with AgriVenture, workers must fund their own travel costs and insurance, and they also need a full driving licence. One further option is a voluntary organisation called WWOOF which places volunteers with organic farms in several countries including Canada.

Seasonal Employment In The Agricultural Industry

Several areas in Canada offer excellent agricultural opportunities for backpackers and seasonal workers. Ontario, British Columbia and the Okanagan Valley are all home to excellent fruit picking jobs, with pears, apples, cherries and peaches being available for harvesting during the summer months from July to September.

Generally, payment depends on how much fruit is picked, and this is a consideration, as you may not earn as much as you expected. Other agricultural opportunities in Canada include general farm hand work, and there are opportunities in this area all over Canada. These roles are more likely to offer an hourly wage, although they do involve quite a lot of physical labor and are harder work in general than fruit picking jobs.

What Skills Are Required

As long as you have a visa which enables you to work legally in Canada, you can find farm jobs in Canada that suit your needs. You will not need any kind of specialist skills for most types of agricultural labor and you will not even need any previous experience.

You will, however, need to be prepared to do a lot of hard work and be happy to spend a lot of time outdoors, potentially in warm weather. You will therefore need to be physically fit and strong. You will also need to be able to work as part of a team.

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