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Emirates Jobs in Dubai New Vacancies

Fly Emirates Jobs in Dubai

Emirates Jobs in Dubai New Vacancies. If you are looking for a job with a high profile international company in Dubai, Emirates is the ideal employer. An award winning airline that is growing rapidly and becoming increasingly successful worldwide, Emirates is a dynamic and exciting organization with plenty of vacancies on offer, in a wide scope of fields.

There are jobs to suit candidates with a wide range of interests and skills, from entry level positions to highly skilled roles. If you are interested in finding out more about Emirates jobs in Dubai, this article will tell you more about the types of vacancies you may be able to find and more information about their recruitment process.

Job Sectors with Emirates

While many people think solely of pilots and cabin crew when considering vacancies with an airline, in fact there are a lot more openings in a broader scope of careers. As well as flying staff, there are also vacancies within airport operations and their commercial arm as well as within their marketing and communications departments.

For those with technical qualifications, Emirates' engineering department is a good bet, while there are always openings within their financial operations sector. Staff is also in demand for the logistics and legal departments as well as security and human resources.

In-flight catering and retail is another demand area as is information technology and, as you might expect from an industry embedded in the tourism industry, hospitality staff. As you can see, there are vacancies to suit all kinds of employees with varying levels of experience and qualifications.

What Are The Benefits Of Working For Emirates?

Permanent Emirates employees who are living in Dubai can take advantage of a host of excellent benefits. As well as a competitive salary and the prestige of working for a huge global company, workers can benefit from a federal pension scheme, dental and medical insurance, and a free ticket for two people to use during annual leave as well as reduced cost air travel.

Opportunities for Graduates

Emirates are very keen to launch new graduates on the path to success and offer a mix of classroom and on the job training to ensure that successful candidates get a good grounding in their area of specialism. Whether you are a high school graduate, a diploma graduate or have attended university, Emirates have an employment pathway to suit you.

Their programs for high school graduates include cabin crew training, software engineering opportunities, aircraft maintenance engineering programs and even cadet pilot training. Diploma graduates can take a job specific pathway which will make them eligible to work in a supervisory capacity in the commercial, airport operations or service departments of the organization.

University graduates can take advantage of several specialized programs aimed at more skilled candidates, including the competitive Sky Cargo Management programs, commercial outstation training or graduate training programs for several sectors of the company's operations including IT, HR, Leisure Management and Airport Services.

Jobs for Non-Graduates

For those who are not graduates, there are still plenty of available jobs. From maintenance roles such as technicians to customer service and check in desk opportunities, there are vacancies across the board. Experience and qualifications is the key to obtaining lucrative roles such as flight officers, airport maintenance positions and managerial roles within a host of departments. All jobs can be found listed on the Emirates' website and can be applied for online.

Emirates' Recruitment Process

Emirates Jobs in Dubai. Depending on which pathway you want to follow there are slightly different recruitment procedures. For all roles however, applicants should apply online in the first instance and should you receive a favorable response you may then be invited for testing in English or psychometric before your interview. 

For all positions an excellent standard of high school education is necessary and good communication skills are also a must, especially for roles further up the career ladder or those that are in contact with the public such as flight crew and check-in staff. 

For non-graduate roles, experience within a related industry is a distinct advantage and for many positions a good level of computer literacy is also very important, especially for those roles that are within the sector of customer care. For many posts at least a basic knowledge of spoken Arabic would be very helpful.


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