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How to Get Hotel Jobs in London

How to Get Hotel Jobs in London

How to Get Hotel Jobs in London. London is a major tourist for visitors from all over the world. Boasting popular attractions, world class shopping and famous show, it is no wonder that traveler's come from across the globe to experience the city for themselves.

This means that the hospitality and hotel industry in London is thriving, with at least 123,000 hotel rooms in Greater London alone and many more on the outskirts of the city.

Therefore, anyone looking for reliable employment will want to know how to get hotel jobs in London. The hospitality industry presents a wealth of opportunities within all kinds of fields, from service and housekeeping to administration and management. In this article, we look at the scope of hotel jobs in the city of London and how best to find a job that suits your level of skill and experience.

Types of Hotel Jobs in London

There are positions available at all levels, from entry level up to management, within London's hospitality industry, and these roles encompass all aspects of running a hotel. Some of the available fields of work include:

Hotel management
Event and conference organization
Chef and kitchen operations
Waiting and table service
Bar service
Housekeeping and cleaning
Administration and reception duties

Within these broad fields, there are positions open for those who are at entry level with little skills or experience in the industry as well as for those with considerable experience and qualifications.

There are so many different types of hotels in London, from small independent establishments to large and up market chain hotels that there are sure to be roles open to suit every candidate.

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What Skills And Experience Are Required To Work In London's Hotel Industry?

The necessary skills and experience required to work in a hotel in London will, of course, vary depending on the nature of the job, however there are certain skills that are essential in all roles.

These include a good grasp of the English language, both spoken and written, and a willingness to work hard and at potentially unsociable hours. In any role in which contact with the public is essential, such as bar or table service or working on a reception desk, it is important to have excellent customer service and people handling skills and knowledge of multiple languages will also be an advantage as London receives many visitors from all over the globe.

For more specific roles such as a chef or hotel manager, at least 5 years of experience will almost certainly be required, and maybe more for one of the top city hotels. Relevant qualifications to the post will also be a requirement.

There are, however, several roles in which no previous experience or qualifications will be required as training can be given on the job. This includes housekeeping roles, some entry level administration positions and often table and bar service jobs.

Where to Find London Hotel Jobs

Jobs in London hotels are very easy to find and there are several routes that you can take to find a position that meets your skillset. One of the easiest ways is to perform a Google search where you will find many generic jobs listing websites such as indeed.co.uk and totaljobs.com.

These list a wide range of varied hotel jobs within all areas of the hospitality industry. Local newspapers such as the Metro also list vacancies and are a good place to start.

If you are looking for a more specific position that requires qualifications, such as those within the catering industry, you could look at industry-specific websites such as Caterer.com which lists roles in London that are within your field of experience.

Alternatively, many hotels, especially chains, have their own websites that regularly post job listings. There are also some hotel industry specific websites that you can take a look at, including hoteljobs.co.uk, which offer fully comprehensive listings.

To make the job search process even more simple, there are numerous recruitment agencies which specialize in matching suitable candidates with hotel job vacancies. These may be generic agencies which place staff in entry level roles, or industry specific agencies which place kitchen staff, chefs, and administrative staff or management level candidates in suitable positions.

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