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How to Get Work Permit for Canada

 How to Get Work Permit for Canada

 How to Get Work Permit for Canada. If you are considering immigrating to Canada, one essential thing that you will need is a Canadian work permit. Without one, you will be unable to legally undertake any employment in the country unless your job falls within certain categories. Applying for a Canadian work permit need not be a complicated and time consuming experience however, and you can find here all the information that you need about how to get work permit for Canada.

Types of Canadian Work Permit

The ESDC Work Permit - this is the most common type of work permit which is granted to a worker who already has a job offer in the country. The employer must first apply for ESDC confirmation to prove that they have tried and failed to find a Canadian citizen to perform the role. Once this confirmation is received, the employee can then apply for a work permit.

The Open work permit - this is rarer and gives the holder the right to work in any job or occupation. This type of permit is generally only granted to spouses or partners of those who have accompanied a full time student or worker with their own work permit to Canada.

NAFTA permits - Some employees of American or Mexican companies as well as some American or Mexican traders and investors are permitted to work in Canada under the terms of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

What Are The Requirements For Applying For A Canadian Work Permit?

Before applying for a Canadian work permit you should ensure that you meet the essential criteria otherwise your application will be rejected. You must:

Not have a criminal record
Be in good health
Be legally entitled to be admitted to Canada
Be prepared to return to your home country at the end of your work permit period
You also need the following:
A job offer from a Canadian employer (if applying for an ESDC permit type)
Enough money to support yourself and your family
A positive LMO (if you are applying for an ESDC permit)
A temporary resident visa (in some circumstances)
A completed permit application form
Proof of identification
Documentary evidence of qualifications and experience for your designated employment

How to Get an ESDC Permit

If you require an ESDC permit type to work in Canada, the first step is for your Canadian employer to apply for an ESDC confirmation letter. Once this letter has been received, you can apply for your work permit to your local Canadian Consulate or Canadian High Commission. The foreign Canadian Visa Office must consider all the evidence to assess whether you have the necessary skills to do the job and will then issue a permit for a period of between one month and three years depending on requirements. It is possible to apply for an open work permit for a spouse or partner or a child over the age of 18 but under 22 years of age at the same time.

Do I Need A Work Permit?

Some occupations do not require a work permit to take employment in Canada. These include athletes and their coaches, performers, trainers working on specialist equipment, military personnel, government exchange employees, clergy and full time students.

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