Saturday 23 January 2016

Looking for a job in Canada?

Looking for a job in Canada?

Looking for a job in Canada? Just like in other places, job hunting in Canada can be a very challenging task and might take quite some time. However, here are some tips that could be very useful to you as you embark on job hunting mission in Canada. First you need to conduct research in order to get important information about working in Canada. It will also help you to know Canadian workplace culture and what Canadian employers look for when hiring.

This can be done by contacting an immigrant-serving organization and going through leading job websites such as Job Bank and Service Canada. After doing an extensive research, you can then proceed to search for jobs. You can search jobs in leading job search websites, job sections of newspapers, contacting employers of companies you wish to work for to see if they are hiring, consider using an employment agency to help you search for jobs or by speaking to people( friends and family) and ask if they know about any available jobs.

After finding a job that you are interested in, you will need to apply for it by sending a cover letter and a copy of your curriculum vitae (C.V.) / resume. During your research, you will find information on how to write a good resume and cover letter in order to stand out of the rest. Your cover letter and resume is what will make an employer to invite you for an interview which you should thoroughly prepare for. It is after the interview that the employer will send you an official job offer in case they want to hire you. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to send many resumes and cover letters to different employers.

It is good for you to establish a network of contacts and also do volunteer jobs as this will help you build your resume, get Canadian work experience, make Canadian friends and find people who will be references for you. This will make you stand a better place in getting a job in Canada. All the best as you go job hunting in Canada.
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