Tuesday 12 January 2016

Get A Student Visa for Switzerland and Enroll In Best University

In order to fulfill your dream of studying in Switzerland, one must obtain their student visa before applying to a respectable university. There are not much hassles and panics when it comes to Switzerland student visa because Swiss government is always looking for ways to attract foreigners and their students which is why the visa process is not difficulty or complicated. Because the Switzerland student visa is not challenging, you will have plenty of time to get the paperwork done properly.

Why need a Switzerland student visa

Before getting into the complication of student visa you must determine if you actually need it in order to study there. If you are a member of the Europe Union or if your country is a member of the European Free Trade Association then you may not require a student visa to study in Switzerland. You can only apply for the residence permit and within fourteen days of your arrival in the country. If your country is not a part of this association, you will have to go through every processing step in order to get a student visa.

Types of student visa in Switzerland

The visa options for students in Switzerland are very straightforward. It is because Switzerland has been signed up to the Schengen agreement which always foreigners to easily move within and outside of the country and participate in educational activities. There are two student visa options in Switzerland i.e. the type c visa and the type D visa. C visa type is for choosing any courses which takes 90 days t complete while D type visa is for much longer time period.

How to apply for student visa in Switzerland

Before applying for Switzerland visa, the applicant must make sure that he has his confirmation letter from the reputable universities of Switzerland. They should also show the fee receipts at the time of applying for student visa. The applicant must ensure that his passport is valid and must be clear of the type of student visa before selecting their courses. The application process takes ninety days to get through but the applicant must fill in the online application form, make copies of their passports and pictures, evidences of proper health insurance, copies of their return ticket from Switzerland, their confirmation letter from the university etc. 

After all these documents have been gathered, you must take them all to the embassy of your home country for further processing. If you are applying for the D type student visa, you may have to submit an additional sum of documents including the copies of your school certificates, diplomas, statements listing to the assets you have, the sum of your income with bank statement evidences, your curriculum vitae, the confirmation of our study plans after you have left Switzerland, letters explaining the reason of your study in Switzerland, the plans you may have for your future and your intentions after you are departed from the country. 
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