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How to Get Work Permit for Oman

How to Get Work Permit for Oman. Oman is considered to be great working place for many people. Due to this reason hundreds of people are applying for work permits in Oman in order to lead a better life and to promise themselves a better future.

But before leaving for Oman, it is important to make sure you have understood all the process and depending on your nationality you have determined all the working procedure and legal requirements which must be completed properly. Following is step by step guide to get work permit for Oman:

How to Get Work Permit for Oman

Applying for work permit and submitting the required documents

If you wish to work in Oman, you will first have to fill out a visa application form which is available online. All the particulars must be filled accurately and all the desired documents should be attached with them for further processing.

The applicant is required to assemble a number of documents including a passport which should be valid for about six months (it is also must to have three or four photocopies of your passport as well), six passport sized photographs that must be clear and of good quality, a marriage certificate (computerized) if applicable at the time of application submissions, birth certificates of the applicant and all of his family members as well and  a medical certificate which must be issued by a trusted hospital organisation.

Foreigners coming to Oman also have to show that they are good in terms of their health and are free from HIV or any other STD at the time of their travel.

Getting a work permit

Once you have cleared your interview and have submitted your standard entry documents, employment visa application and a letter of invitation from your parent company and an official work permit letter from Omani Directorate General of Labor, you will receive your visa after processing time is over.

The authorities of Oman are very particular with giving their work permits to foreigners. This is why; higher authorities of Oman strictly and very carefully consider your qualifications and your skills and working experience in order to further process your application. Once the Omani authorities figure out that you can easily do the job, they will grant you the permission to enter into the country.

How to get citizenship of Oman

After you have worked in Oman for a long time period, you can apply for the citizenship and call your family members, your wife and your kids to come stay with you on your sponsorship.

Through the Ministry Of Interior, the applicant may apply for the citizenship but must understand that citizenship policies of Oman are very controversial. In some cases, the governmental officials may only grant citizenship to some family members or may reject application of all of them.

In some cases, the company you are working for in Oman can also reward you by providing you and your family the sponsorship and with residence permits which will be applicable for an indefinite period of time.

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