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How To Get Student Visa For Canada

How To Get Student Visa For Canada

How To Get Student Visa For Canada. Students from all around the world have different aims and goals regarding their higher studies. Their thoughts are not confined to get admissions in their own country but they want to put themselves in a trial to get into best of the institutes from worldwide.

Canada is one of the country that offers quality education and opportunity to people living in Canada and foreigners at a similar level. All you need to have is your student visa for Canada that works as Canadian Study Permit too. With this study permit, you can stay at Canada and then apply for your visa but it is preferable to have your visa before you leave your country.

Process For Applying

-         Find an Institute

-         Application

-         Counselling Session

-         Certificate of Acceptance

-         Visa Application Package

-         Submit Application

-         Create MyCIC Account

-         Send Documents to CIC

-         Interview at Visa Office

The step by step detailed process for applying for your student visa is being shared below. Lets have a look!

There are a number of Citizenship and Immigration Canada websites where you can learn to apply for your Visa. The application can be sent online or it can be a written application. For online applications, you need to have a credit/debit card.

For best assistance, there are Visa Application Centers at service. You may go to one of your nearest center and ask for whatever confusion you have in applying process.

Counselling is also an important step which can help you find places and institutions according to your choice and feasibility. They recommend you colleges, universities, courses and other major issues which you can not figure out at your own.

This is one of the most important and key step towards the ongoing process. You must obtain a letter of acceptance and it should be from a recognized higher education system. This letter should have been with you before you are permitted to even apply for your study permit.
The next requirement that you need to fulfill is getting visa application package. There are a number of channels which can be helpful in this regard like Canadian Embassy, CIC website, consulate or any local visa office in your city.

Applying through CIC website is the most convenient and common way that will make you answer some basic questions about yourself and your aims and objectives. If you are eligible to apply for your study permit, you can proceed further.
There is a personal checklist code that you get on becoming eligible while applying through CIC. This code is valid for 60 days and you can submit your application through this code. On applying, you will get all details about your estimated tuition fee, particulars and documents required to be submitted with your application and other major directions.

Now you need to make CIC account which works through the code that you have from the package. Here you can send the list of your documents and other details.

After paying your fees, send your complete documents and other required material to CIC for final processes with your application.

The final step is to give interview at Visa office nearest to you. That is just for some formal introduction and confirmation that need to be made.

There you have study permit for Canada and you can also extend this permit once you have gone to Canada.
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