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Apply For University Of New York and Get a Work Permit at the Same Time

Apply For University Of New York and Get a Work Permit at the Same Time

Students who are internationally studying in United States also have the opportunity to work there part time. But these students may get restricted due to the limitations and arrangements of their visa. Therefore it is a must for all working students in United States to understand all the requirements and boundaries that they may face so they can work and study at the same time with ease and indulgence.

Student employment rules in United States

Mostly students studying in United States holds an F1 visa but there are only specific conditions and accordance with some complicated guidelines that they are allowed to work in a part time job. These guidelines are issued by the government of United States and immigration services.

According to these guidelines and the term of a student’s stay, employment in United States have been characterized into different categories.  These categories are on campus employment, optional practical training, economic hardship, circular practical training and employment with an international organization.

How to apply for on campus employment

According to USCIS regulations, on campus employment is the most common and freely given employment opportunity to the foreign students. Applying for these jobs is very easy and any student counsellor can help you get an attractive working opportunity in your own department or another.

The students are required to take permission from the international student officer before accepting any on campus job offers and must be able to maintain valid F1 status.

How to apply for optional practical training

Working off campus is also allowed for many students holding F1 visa both during and after the completion of their education. The student can apply for OPT when he is enrolled as a student in US for at least nine months but can only start employment after receiving authorisation document of employment from USCIS.

The process can take up to ninety days or so but gives you more opportunities to work closely with the international student office of your school.

How to apply for curricular practical training

It is also a sub category of an off campus student employment which is only applicable for students holding F1 visa. It is defined as an alternative internship, study or cooperative education that is given by sponsoring employees through cooperative agreements given by the school.


To apply for this employment, the student must have some kind of work experience related to their degree and all the academic credits must be fulfilled in order to apply for more working. After submission of required documents and achieving full eligibility criteria, you may get a CPT authorization letter which will allow you to work anywhere in United States.

How to apply for employment with international organizations

To apply for such an important working category, the student must be among the list of official state department and other listed organizations like Red Cross, African and Asian Development Banks, the World Health Organization, the World Trade Organization.


If you meet these demands you are eligible for employment in international organizations and can work once you have received your EAD which may take up to three months to be through.

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