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Mubadala Investment Company Jobs in Dubai

Mubadala Investment Company Jobs in Dubai

Mubadala Investment Company Jobs in Dubai. Mubadala Investment Company is a sovereign wealth fund based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Established in 2002, it plays a crucial role in the economic diversification and sustainable development of the Emirate. With a focus on strategic investments across various sectors, Mubadala manages a diverse portfolio that includes aerospace, information and communications technology, semiconductors, renewable energy, healthcare, and real estate.

Jobs in Mubadala Investment Company

Mubadala Investment Company, being a diversified sovereign wealth fund, offers a wide range of job opportunities across various sectors. The company's workforce is involved in strategic investments, asset management, and the development of key industries. Job positions may include roles in finance, investment management, engineering, technology, healthcare, real estate, and more. Common job categories at Mubadala Investment Company may include:

Investment Professionals

Finance and Accounting

Technology and Innovation

Engineering and Project Management

Healthcare Professionals

Corporate Services

Interested individuals can check the careers section of the company's website for current job openings and application details. Keep in mind that the specific positions available may vary over time based on the company's strategic priorities and ongoing projects.

Qualification And Experience Required?

The qualifications and experience required for jobs at Mubadala Investment Company can vary depending on the specific role and the industry sector involved. However, in general, candidates applying for positions at Mubadala are expected to have a combination of relevant education, skills, and professional experience. Here are some common qualifications and experience expectations:

Educational Background

Many positions may require a bachelor's degree at a minimum, and some roles may require advanced degrees (master's or PhD) in relevant fields.

Educational backgrounds can vary based on the nature of the position, but degrees in finance, business, engineering, technology, healthcare, or related fields are often preferred.


Professional Experience

The level of experience required will depend on the specific job. Entry-level positions may require limited experience, while senior roles or specialised positions may require several years of relevant experience.

Experience in the specific industry or sector related to the job is often highly valued. For example, experience in finance for investment roles, engineering experience for technical positions, etc. It's important for prospective candidates to carefully review the specific job requirements listed in each job posting on the Mubadala Investment Company's official website or other recruitment channels to ensure they meet the qualifications and experience criteria for the positions they are interested in.

How to Apply Job in Mubadala Investment Company

We are sharing below Apply link Just click on APPLY NOW you will be redirected to vacant positions Simple register for a user account on their career’s portal, upload your CV and personal information and then you will be able to apply for any of the roles that you are interested in best of luck for your future.


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