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NAFFCO Careers in Dubai UAE

NAFFCO Careers In Dubai UAE

NAFFCO Careers in Dubai UAE. NAFFCO, which stands for National Fire Fighting Manufacturing FZCO, is a Dubai-based company that has earned a global reputation as a leading provider of fire safety and security solutions. Established in 1991, it has grown to become one of the largest and most respected manufacturers and suppliers of fire safety equipment and systems in the world.

NAFFCO's headquarters is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and it operates numerous manufacturing facilities and offices across the globe. The company's commitment to quality and innovation has allowed it to expand its reach and offer a wide range of products and services.

Jobs in Naffco Dubai

NAFFCO, being a prominent player in the fire safety and security industry, offers a variety of employment opportunities in Dubai. Here are some common job categories you may find at NAFFCO:

Engineering and Technical Positions

Manufacturing and Production

Sales and Marketing

Project Management

Administration and Support

Research and Development

Logistics and Supply Chain

Training and Consultancy

Information Technology

Health and Safety

Keep in mind that the availability of specific positions may vary based on the company's current needs and business expansion. When applying for a job, ensure that you meet the required qualifications and experience for the position you're interested in and follow the application instructions provided by the company.

Qualification Required

The qualifications required for specific job positions at NAFFCO Dubai can vary widely depending on the role and its responsibilities. Below are some general guidelines for the qualifications commonly sought after by employers in the fire safety and security industry, which may also apply to NAFFCO:

Engineering Positions: For roles related to design, development, and maintenance of fire safety systems, a bachelor's degree in relevant engineering fields like mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or fire protection engineering is often required.

Sales and Marketing: A bachelor's degree in business, marketing, or a related field may be preferred, along with relevant sales and marketing experience.

Project Management: A degree in project management, business, or a related field can be beneficial. Project management certifications, such as PMP (Project Management Professional), may also be advantageous.

Administrative and Support Roles: Educational requirements for administrative positions may vary, but relevant administrative or business qualifications are typically preferred.

The qualifications can vary based on the job's nature and the company's needs at a given time. Additionally, consider networking with professionals in the industry and reaching out to NAFFCO's human resources department for the most up-to-date information regarding job qualifications and openings.

How to Apply Job in NAFFCO

We have included application links below. Simply clicking on APPLY NOW will take you to a list of available positions. Simply create a user account on their careers portal, upload your CV and personal information, and then apply for any of the roles that interest you. Best of luck in your future.


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