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Entry Level Jobs In USA

Entry Level Jobs In USA

Entry Level Jobs In USA. If you are lacking in qualifications or experience, you are probably looking for entry level jobs in the USA. An entry level job is one that is suitable for people who are completely new to the industry, and who may have undertaken no relevant study, obtained no related qualifications and who have never worked in a similar field.

There are many different types of entry level jobs in the USA, some of which pay more than others, and they encompass many different fields. Therefore, whatever sector you would like to work in, there is sure to be a job to suit your preferences.

Administrative Roles

While some administrative positions require candidates to have relevant skills such as typing, shorthand or qualifications in ICT, there are many other roles within an office environment that require no prior experience or certificates.

High school graduates without any college education may find that finding work as an office junior is a good option. This type of work is reliable and is a good first rung in the administrative ladder, offering valuable experience within this environment.

 Office juniors carry out tasks such as filing, photocopying, taking messages and other odd-jobs as well as simple tasks such as preparing drinks for members of staff. With the variety of tasks this role encompasses, no two days are the same and young people can get a good grounding in the basics of working in an office.

This type of position can lead to more advanced administrative posts over time, including work on the reception desk or as a junior secretary.

Marketing Sector Jobs

When many people think of the marketing sector they often imagine executives with a host of qualifications and experience to their name, however there are also entry level jobs within this sector.

These entry level posts, however, are usually suited to those who already have a degree although experience is rarely necessary. The role of a marketing assistant is well suited to someone who has obtained a business degree and involves creating content and communicating marketing ideas to clients as well as managing social media accounts. Salaries are generally higher than those in some other entry level posts and can rise rapidly after gaining some experience in the field.

Information Technology

IT is one of the fields in which you can still find a job without any previous experience in the sector. It is, however, very important to already have a good knowledge of computer programming languages, and to have good technical skills and computer literacy.

While having an IT related degree is a bonus when applying for a job as an assistant software developer, it is not necessarily a pre-requisite as long as you can prove that you are familiar with web development, Java and other essentials.

Real Estate

Real estate is one of the best fields in which to get started in an entry level post. As long as you are enthusiastic and have a good high school education it is often possible to get on the job training with a local real estate firm that will help you to get a foothold on the career ladder.

The most important attributes that are essential when applying for this type of entry level role is a strong talent for negotiation, good people skills and an approachable personality.

Food Industry

The food industry, both in preparation and in service, is one of the most popular sectors for those looking for an entry level position. Usually, all that is required to get a job at a basic food preparation level or as a server is a decent level of high school education, a willingness to work, the right attitude and a knowledge of basic food hygiene methods.

Fast food outlets, take out companies and chain restaurants are often looking for entry level staff and, as this industry has a relatively high turnover, it is fairly easy to find a suitable post.

Hospitality and Hotels

The hospitality industry is big news when it comes to finding an entry level post as there are jobs available right across the board in all kinds of areas.

From housekeeping posts to food service and administrative roles, there are many opportunities to suit those who have no previous experience in this sector but who have a good level of customer service and who have a helpful attitude.

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