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Fastest Growing Jobs In America

Fastest Growing Jobs In America

Fastest Growing Jobs In America
.America is often viewed as the land of opportunity, and indeed the country does boast an especially buoyant job market, however some industries are growing more rapidly than others and these represent a particularly strong employment opportunity for those looking to launch a career in the United States.

The economy of the United States has been projected to increase by almost 10 million jobs by 2024, and as the nation's economy expands, the increase in consumer demand and the shift in demographics is certain to spur on even more rapid growth in employment within certain sectors. Occupational data received from the Bureau of Labor Statistics has now revealed the fastest growing jobs in America, with the top 25 of these having been projected to increase by over a fifth over the coming decade. Here are some of the fastest growing sectors in America today.

Medical Professions

It is a fact that Americans aged over the age of 85 years are the most rapidly growing age group and as this generation age over the next 10 years, it is certain than more medical professionals will be required to attend to the needs of this population sector. Within the profession, the fastest growing roles are most likely to be supporting positions such as physical therapists and occupational therapists (the numbers of which are expected to grow up by up to 40%) as well as physician assistants, with a predicted increase of 30%. While there is likely to be a greater demand for these types of jobs, even the highest paid medical positions such as surgeons and physicians are likely to be more in demand over the next decade with a predicted growth rate of 14%.

Construction Sector

With an ever-increasing population, America's construction industry will require many more employees to be able to perform at the required level. Funding is likely to be increased for a wide range of infrastructure improvement projects nationwide over the next few years and therefore all areas of the construction industry are likely to require an increased workforce in order to cope with demand.

Energy Sector

At the present time, the American energy sector is one of the poorest performing industries within the nation's infrastructure. The growing population of the country is placing an ever higher demand for energy and therefore an increased workforce is necessary to handle this growth. With traditional energy methods likely to begin to struggle to cope with this increase, it is highly probable that there will be a growth in alternative energy occupations - for example, the number of technicians required to service wind turbines has been projected to increase by double its current figures by 2024.

Data Analysis

Data is everywhere in our modern society, with more and more people using smartphones and mobile technology to access search engines and social media. All of this usage generates a host of key consumer data which can be used by businesses and companies up and down the country to improve their business decisions and strategies. It is therefore predicted that the number of mathematicians, statisticians and data analysts who can process the wealth of figures that is being produced will increase rapidly over the next 10 years.

Medical Secretaries

As mentioned before, the aging population of the USA will result in an increase in demand on medical services and therefore the medical secretarial industry is likely to see a huge boosts. The number of available positions in this sector has been projected to grow by a fifth in the period leading up to 2024, a growth rate which is faster than that predicted for the entire American job market overall.

Communication And Media Industries

The communication and media industries are thriving in today's media hungry world and this demand is only going to increase over the decade to come. It is therefore easy to see why the number of employees required to staff these industries has been projected to grow by 22%, including behind the scenes roles centered around producing printed media, television programs and online content. The reason behind much of this increase lies in the expansion of video content being produced by online and mobile platforms as well as the ever growing selection of television channels.

Biomedical Engineering

Over recent years, there have been countless advances in medical technology, and therefore the demand for biomedical engineers is predicted to dramatically increase over the next 10 years. By using the latest cutting edge technology to improve health care practices and tools, biomedical engineers are required to design artificial organs and prosthetic limbs as well as to carry out and publish new medical research in the field. The demands of an aging population only increases the need for more workers in this sector.

Opticians And Optometrists

The aging US population is also the reason behind the predicted increase in the number of dispensing opticians and optometrists which will be required over the years to come. As problems with sight are more common in the elderly, there will be a boost in the demand for contact lenses and glasses as well as a need for more professionals to diagnose vision problems and to prescribe the appropriate corrective lenses. The number of opticians is likely to grow by 23% while the number of optometrists required is projected to increase by 27% by 2024.

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