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Jobs in UK after MBA

Jobs in UK after MBA

Jobs in UK after MBA. Having high level qualifications is one of the best ways to obtain a well paid and rewarding job in the UK. If you have studied for and obtained an MBA, there are many excellent positions which will be open to you in a range of industries and sectors. In this article, we look at jobs in UK after MBA and outline the best ways to go about finding these roles.

What Is An MBA?

MBA stands for "Master of Business Administration" and it is a higher level degree program that is internationally recognized. Holders of this qualification have developed the necessary skills to enjoy a successful career in management and business; however graduates with this degree do not necessarily need to work in the business sphere as it is also an accepted qualification for gaining entry into careers within government, the public sector and private industry, among others. The core of an MBA program includes subjects such as economics, accounting, operations and marketing and many graduates will have already had the opportunity to complete an internship which will have enabled them to make essential contacts within the business world and learn valuable on the job skills.

What Are The Advantages Of Having An MBA?

People who have obtained an MBA have many advantages over other, less-qualified graduates when it comes to finding high level employment. The MBA is one of the world's most prestigious qualifications and is highly sought after by employers. Graduates with an MBA therefore have access to a better range of high level employment opportunities and are much more likely to be able to command a high salary and better work related benefits than those with an ordinary degree or lower qualifications.

What Kind Of Jobs Can MBA Graduates Apply For?

There are many different employment sectors that actively seek out employees with an MBA qualification. Some of the best areas to consider include:

Business Management

A business manager supervises and oversees the work of either a department within a company or the entire organization itself. Although duties vary depending on the company itself, usually they include planning, directing and overseeing employees and business operations. When advertising business management positions, most companies are looking for a candidate with an MBA as they will have already studied the necessary skills and undertaken relevant work experience that will give them an edge in the marketplace.

Financial Management

Working in financial management or as a financial officer, a candidate is responsible for supervising banking operations, or the operations of financial companies or credit unions. As part of the MBA qualification involves studying economics and finance, those who hold this degree will be highly in demand because they will already have the necessary skills to achieve highly in this sector.

Marketing Direction

A marketing or advertising director or manager is responsible for developing and implementing the advertising strategy of a company from all perspectives including technical, sales and business. They initiate and manage sales and discussions with any relevant agencies or sponsors and negotiate agreements with sales representatives from outside the company, with responsibility for managing a number of advertising sales representatives. A key part of this role is serving as a liaison between clients and promotional companies.

Human Resource Management

A human resources manager is responsible for overseeing the day to day running of a company's HR department, dealing with staff issues at the highest level, screening resumes and handling the recruitment of new employees. Part of the role may also encompass keeping track of company benefits and compensation. MBA graduates are often hired for these well paying positions.

Where to Find Jobs in UK after MBA

If you are studying for an MBA or already hold one, you can find some of the best jobs for people with your qualification by performing an online search. Many general job websites have specific sections for MBA graduates which list all available suitable employment within the UK. There are also specialist recruitment agencies such as Mindbench which match suitably qualified candidates with positions across the UK that match their skillset. Many companies advertise MBA vacancies on their websites, so looking on the websites of well known businesses is another excellent way to find work. Even if no current positions are listed, sending an up to date CV to these top companies is a good way to attract attention. Your details will remain on file and when a suitable position comes up, you stand a good chance of being contacted.

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