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How to Get a Work Visa for Bahrain

How to Get a Work Visa for Bahrain

How to Get a Work Visa for Bahrain. If you are thinking of relocating to Bahrain in order to obtain employment, you will need to know how to get a work visa for Bahrain.

Bahrain is a very popular location for immigrants because of the liberal business environment, low taxes and fast growing financial center, however there are several different visas and permits which must be applied for before being legally able to live and work in the country.

In this article, you will find out everything that you need to know about how to get a work visa for Bahrain so that you can get started on making your application.

Employer Sponsorship Visa

The first step that you need to take in order to obtain a Bahrain work visa is to secure employment with an employer in the country who can then act as your sponsor.

It will be your employer's responsibility to obtain your work permit and then you will be permitted to begin work in the country. Often, you will discover that your prospective employer will already have a work permit which can be assigned to you as soon as you are offered the post as they are permitted to apply to the authorities for a work permit up to 12 months before an employee is actually hired.

It is important to take care with this however, as the work visa that has been obtained may not fit your job description, and although this will cause you no problems initially, if you need to renew the visa in the future, you will encounter some difficulties.

Self-Employed Applicants

There is another way to obtain a work visa in Bahrain and that is to be self-employed as you can then apply for a work permit on your own behalf.

If you own a business or share one with a partner, you have the entitlement to a residency permit and your business with automatically be entitled to a specific amount of work permits out of which you can assign one to yourself as long as you are working for your own company and can prove it.

Necessary Documents

To apply for a work permit, you will require a valid passport, standard passport photographs and a current CV as well as all original certificates for the qualifications that you have stated on your curriculum vitae.

You will also require a letter from your new employer stating their name and organization, their commercial registration number, your capacity as an employee, your new salary, your name, birthday and nationality as well as the duration of your contract.

A copy of your contract will also be required together with your health record from an authorized clinic. You will also be required to pay a fee at the time of the application in order for it to be processed by the authorities. Luckily, you will not usually have to complete any paperwork yourself as it will be your employer's responsibility to handle this side of affairs, and if you are a self-employed applicant, there are agencies which you can use to help you with the application process.

Residency Visa

Once you have obtained your work permit, you will become automatically entitled to receive a residency visa. There are 2 residency visas forms to complete for the employed person and for their spouse and dependent family members.

Commonly, expats now purchase property within specific areas of Bahrain and when they do this, this gives them automatic entitlement to the residency visa after which they can then sponsor their spouse and dependent children for their residency visa application.

At the present time, it is not permitted to obtain a visa for any members of your extended family; however you are allowed to apply for a short term visit visa for them. Should you have a child that is born in the country, you will need your employer to agree to sponsor the child's visa too.

Mothers often have some difficulties in acting as the sponsor for their child, so if the father is on hand to carry out the sponsoring process it would be considerably less complex. Any spouse who has moved to Bahrain with their working partner and who has then decided to take up employment of their own will need to then obtain a work permit on their own behalf from their new employer and obtain an NOC from their partner's employers in order to process the work permit on their own behalf.

Identification Card

You will also require a CPR card which will be issued by the Central Informatics Organization. To apply for this, you will require a passport, a letter of sponsorship which states the names of any dependents, your marriage certificate and your children's birth certificates. You will also have to pay a fee for the card to be issued.

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