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Personal Assistant Jobs in Canada

Personal Assistant Jobs in Canada

Personal Assistant Jobs in Canada. Whether you already have some experience in the field or are looking for an entry level position, applying for personal assistant jobs in Canada is a good career move. This is a field with lots of opportunities in different areas. For example, some roles involve assisting with domestic arrangements while others concentrate more on office work and administrative tasks. The type of position which you would be most suitable for depends very much upon your existing qualifications and any work experience that you already have. Here we look at what types of personal assistant jobs in Canada you may be eligible for, the kind of salary that you could command and how best to find and apply for relevant positions.

What Does A Personal Assistant Do?

There are several types of personal assistant; however the general jobs description includes anyone who helps another person to complete daily activities. This may be in a domestic capacity or in the office environment. Here are some of the most common types of personal assistant jobs in Canada:

Home help
Personal aide
Executive assistant
Administrative assistant

There are some substantial differences between these roles. For example a home help or a personal aide will assist someone in their own home to complete a range of tasks - from the personal, such as washing, eating and dressing to the domestic, such as assisting with cooking, shopping and cleaning. On the other hand, an executive or administrative assistant will help a more senior member of staff in the office by arranging diaries, scheduling meetings, preparing documents and making telephone calls among other duties.

What Are The Career Advancement Opportunities?

There is plenty of variety in the personal assistant market and the good news is that there is due to be a growth in this industry of 12% in the years up to 2022. This means that there should be plenty of vacancies to apply for and a high turnover in the job market. There are also part time, full time and freelance positions in this job sector to suit the needs of a wide variety of employees. There are opportunities for advancement, especially in the office environment where personal assistants can command much higher salaries as they progress up the career ladder. If you can secure employment for the top level managers of a company or organization you will be able to earn much more than from an entry level position.

What Qualifications Are Necessary?

The necessary qualifications will depend on the type of personal assistant role that you are applying for. In general a role as a home help or personal aide will require less qualifications than an office based position and would be suited to those looking for an entry level vacancy. Often a good level of high school education is all that is required for these posts, although a higher level role such as working as an executive administration assistant for a manager will often require more qualifications, perhaps even up to degree level. If secretarial skills are also required for the post, a typing qualification may also be necessary. Experience is often the key factor, with those who have had prior jobs in a similar capacity standing in better stead. Good organizational skills, communications skills and a pleasant personal demeanor are also essential.

What Salary Can Be Expected?

The salary will of course vary depending on the individual posts; however the median salary in Canada for a personal assistant is $16 per hour. Those at the bottom end of the pay scale are looking at around $12 per hour while those who are working at the highest level can command hourly wages of $25 or above.

Where to Find Personal Assistant Jobs in Canada

The internet is one of the best places to find personal assistant jobs being advertised so it is advised that you perform regular searches for suitable employment. There are many general job websites such as JobShark and Indeed which regularly list a large number of personal assistant jobs in all sectors. For those who are searching specifically for home help positions, sites such as greataupair and elitedomo specialize in advertisements for this type of role. Local newspapers in your area are also likely to list suitable positions, especially for personal aide or home help type vacancies.
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