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Jobs in Canada in Insurance Sector

Jobs in Canada in Insurance Sector

Jobs in Canada in Insurance Sector. If you are looking for employment in Canada, there are probably lots of routes that you have already considered and avenues that you have explored however have you considered applying for jobs in Canada in insurance sector? This employment area which has seen considerable growth over the last few years, and despite the economic downturn, surprisingly, the insurance industry has actually become more buoyant and has opened up increased numbers of positions to the workforce. There is also evidence to show that in fact many of the workers in this industry are aged between 41 and 60 years and around a quarter of these employees are expected to enter retirement within the next 2 to 6 years. This means that there is a strong demand for young professionals to enter the industry and to fill the gaps which are rapidly approaching. This is a strong indicator that this is a sector to be seriously considered when seeking out vacancies in Canada.

What Kind Of Insurance Positions Are There?

When many people think about insurance, their first thought is about sales positions, however this is not the only route available to young professionals entering the insurance industry. There are also customer service positions, working in claims departments, insurance underwriting roles, risk management consultants, and insurance investigation roles to consider. There are also positions available at all levels from entry level up to top management, making this a career path suitable for all kinds of people and with all levels of experience. It is also an industry which is ideal for those who are seeking promotion and opportunities for advancement.

Which Branches Of Insurance Are There?

There are three main varieties of insurance. These include:

Financial, health and life cover - There are several types of insurance which cover these areas including medical plans, critical illness cover, life insurance and creditor's insurance. The purpose of these types of plans is to provide financial support should the policy holder become ill, infirm or die.

Social insurance - Canadians benefit from universal health care as well as employment and workplace safety insurance. These government administered programs are another type of insurance.

Property - Whether for a home, a car or a business, there are several types of property insurance from business liability to accident protection and legal expenses cover.

Which Entry Level Jobs In Canada In Insurance Sector Are There?

There are no less than 9 ways to enter the Canadian insurance sector as an entry level employee. This means that there is a lot of scope for even inexperienced candidates to get a foothold on the career ladder. These pathways include being a junior broker, a customer service representative, a junior underwriter, a claims representative, a risk analyst, an actuarial intern, a junior actuary marketing assistant or an appraisal representative. This means that whatever areas you excel at, whether sales, customer service, or in marketing you can find a suitable field of employment.

What Qualifications Are Required?

Although there is no requirement for a degree in business or finance to work in the insurance sector, a good standard of education is important. While those degree paths would stand you in good stead, there are plenty of opportunities for those who have other kinds of degrees such as mathematics, health sciences or English as there are insurance pathways which lend themselves to those educational backgrounds. If you wish to progress within the industry, you should take the time to obtain the licenses and designations for the insurance industry such as the GIE, the CIP, the FCIP and the LLQP.

Are There Opportunities For Career Advancement?

If you are ambitious and hoping to progress to the top of your career ladder, insurance is a good career path for you. There are above average opportunities for promotion in this industry as long as you work hard and show ambition and competence. It is possible to advance quite quickly to a supervisory role, and from there you can progress to leading a team and then eventually after some experience in the field, to a management, directorial or executive post.

How to Apply For Insurance Positions in Canada

If you are interested in entering the insurance sector, you should first explore the various professional options available to you based on your skills and experience. There are many websites which specialize in listing a wide variety of insurance sector positions in Canada, or alternatively, you could visit insurance providers' websites and search for openings.
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