Sunday 21 February 2016

IT Jobs in Dubai

 IT Jobs in Dubai

IT Jobs in Dubai. The technology sector is a rich area of employment across the world, but especially in Dubai, with its booming economy and fast development in infrastructure and industry. With the excellent lifestyle on offer in the United Arab Emirates and the outstanding job prospects, it is no wonder that talented professionals from within the information technology field come seeking IT jobs in Dubai from countries all over the world. There are many local companies who are seeking qualified IT specialists as well as international corporations from many sectors who are in the process of establishing a base within the city, so there is a great variety of IT positions available for those who have the necessary ambition and skills.

What Types Of IT Jobs In Dubai Are There?

There is a full spectrum of IT jobs available for job seekers in Dubai. Whether you are interested in technology support, programming or a development role, there is something for every specialist. Whether your particular skill is in Java, SAP, Oracle or C++ you are certain to be able to discover the perfect position to fit your skill set.

IT Companies In Dubai

As well as being able to secure an IT position within a range of commercial sectors, there are some specific IT companies who have opened offices within Dubai itself. Many of these are famous worldwide brands such as Microsoft, KPMG, Sun Microsystems, Intel Corporation and Logica CMG. These are a great source of high quality and well paid IT roles within the city.

Necessary Qualifications

If you are seeking IT jobs in Dubai, you need to know the essential qualifications that you will require in order to be eligible to apply for posts. You will certainly be required to have a good basic standard of education as well as particular qualifications within your specialist field. For example, a good knowledge of Microsoft .NET is often required as well as extensive experience within the IT industry. For the best paid and most desirable roles, a minimum of five years hands on experience is an absolute requirement. A current driving license is also an advantage, and excellent English skills are paramount. Other language skills would be an added bonus, with a basic knowledge of Arabic being an advantage. For an IT management position, you will be expected to have previous experience of working to tight budgets and deadlines and of managing other staff members effectively.

Where to Find IT Jobs in Dubai

If you have decided that an IT job in Dubai is the right choice for you, you could start your search for employment on the internet. There are numerous job websites which list current vacancies in a number of fields including information technology across the United Arab Emirates. Some of these even allow you to apply online with a letter of application and your CV. There are also some employment agencies which specialize in supply IT staff to UAE companies. Submitting your CV to one of these companies is a good way of opening up the field of your job search and of getting your resume noticed by many of the top companies. On the other hand, if there is a specific IT company with a base in Dubai that you are interested in applying to, you should check their website to see if they have any vacancies for which you can apply, or send them your CV and a covering letter tailored specifically to the company and the post itself, demonstrating your suitability for the position.
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