Monday 4 January 2016

Start a Business in Canada and Get a Business Visa

Start a Business in Canada and Get a Business Visa

Canada is one of the most leading countries of the world and is a perfect attraction for people who wants to start up their business and getting themselves immigrated into the country through business visa. There are many startup programs in Canada by which entrepreneurs from all around the world are getting a chance to show their skills and compete against all the other loading companies globally. In order to get a business visa of Canada, the applicant must follow the following step so the paperwork can be completed on time without much hassle.

Application and eligibility criteria

Applying for a Canada business visa require you to first fill out the visa application form and give information about your particulars appropriately. After you have filled your form, you must do your research regarding ways to grow your business, investment opportunities and advancing your business relationships. If you are applying for visa solely for the purpose of business, you will also have to give a letter of invitation from your potential business partners who are currently residing in Canada along with a twenty four hour contact details from that person. You will be held eligible for the visa if you are planning to stay there for about six months or more than that, if your main place of business and profit generation is outside of Canada and if you have valid traveling documents as required by the embassy.

Documents required

In order to get a business visa of Canada, having all the documents at the time of interview is a must. The applicant must have their passports which must be valid for their entire stay and must guarantee your re-entry into your home country. A valid, temporary visa is also required if applicant has it, letters which are a supporting evidence from your parent company is also a must along with the letter of invitation from your Canadian business host. Moreover, letter of recognition from Canada border service agency is also mandatory to show alongside warranty, service agreements, contracts and Canada contacting details. After submitting all these documents, your application will be forwarded and after a short time span you will receive your interview letter containing all relevant information. The candidate must appear at the time of interview bearing all required documents.

Arrival in Canada and setting up business

After you have cleared your interview, your visa will be grated to you after certain processing time. On your date of arrival, a border service officer will greet you. They will check your passport and your other traveling documents. After you enter into the country you can set up your business. You can come up with your own ideas to start business and launch your own startup corporate and make it a profitable organization. But before you can launch your business, make sure you have done your research regarding financing new businesses, making sure that the basis of your business has been covered and what are the permits and licenses you will require to get your corporation registered. 
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