Thursday 7 January 2016

Latest Mechanical Engineers Job in Dubai

Latest Mechanical Engineers Job in Dubai

Are you an engineer and looking for Latest Mechanical Engineers Job in Dubai? Engineering is one of the most respectable and sophisticated profession of the world. May countries of the world are excelling in this profession and are hiring many engineers from around the world to accomplish their desired goals in the respective field. Like many countries, Dubai is also a hub for mechanical and electrical engineering and therefore hundreds of vacancies become available here on a monthly basis.

Scope of mechanical engineers in Dubai

Mechanical engineering is one of the most old and broad engineering branch and therefore mechanical engineering in Dubai requires developing, designing, use and production of all mechanical sorts in order to solve mechanics related issues. Due to this reason, many manufacturing companies of Dubai hire mechanical engineers and give them employment opportunities in both governmental and private sectors. Many government sectors including PWD, defense sectors, CPWD and telegraph also hire mechanical engineers in Dubai with very high wage rates.

Nature of mechanical engineering jobs in Dubai

Mechanical engineers in Dubai are usually hired to analyze the problems being faced by the company to see how their thermal and mechanical devices can help to solve a particular problem.  They also work to design as well as redesign the thermal devices and mechanical devices along its other subsystems with the help of computer and analysis aid techniques; they also work to test and develop prototypes of all the devices they are working with. Moreover, mechanical engineers in Dubai analyze all the test results and reshape their designs and systems according to the need of the company. Another major job of mechanical engineers is to oversee the manufacturing processes in their company ranging from medical devices to simple batteries. Manufacturing power producing machines is also the job of mechanical engineers in Dubai like internal combustion engineers, electrical generators, gas turbines, steam turbines and air conditioning systems.

Normal pay rate of mechanical engineers in Dubai

On an average rate, a mechanical engineer is getting paid about 118,355 AED per year in Dubai. Experience is one of the main factors that influences majorly on the income of this job. Most of the people with mechanical engineering jobs in Dubai get promoted to higher levels after twenty years or less depending upon their skills and their ability to manage the company. The highest paying skills which are allied to this sort of job in Dubai are Matlab, Technical Analysis, Project Management, Windows NT / 2000 / XP Networking, and Engineering Design.

How to apply for mechanical engineering jobs in Dubai

Any individual with a degree in mechanical engineering from a trusted, reliable and recognized institute is eligible to apply for the position of engineer in Dubai. The person must submit his CV along with a few other documents like passport size photographs, passport and photocopies of his gradation at the time of applying for the job. After your application has been reviewed, you will be called for an interview, the time and venue of which will be provided to you through email.

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