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How to Get Permanent Sponsorship in Dubai

How to Get Permanent Sponsorship in Dubai

How to Get Permanent Sponsorship in Dubai. Getting a sponsorship in Dubai is relatively an easy process to get through providing that the applicant has met the given requirements by the country’s government or ministry of foreign affairs.

If you are thinking How to Get Permanent Sponsorship in Dubai, here is a solution. There are many companies in Dubai that are family friendly and therefore give sponsorship to the applicant, their employee and their family members up to a certain age as well.

But before applying for sponsorship, the applicant must know all the information regarding obtaining permanent sponsorship visa for themselves and their family.

Health insurance before applying for sponsorship

Before you can start your sponsorship process, Dubai Health Insurance will make sure that you must have adequate health insurance before you can apply for their visa.

No one is allowed to gain new and permanent sponsorship unless they have good health insurance. The purpose of such health insurance is to ensure that the employees and workers are complying with the rules that are mandatory for the people working in Emirates.

Sponsorship process

A business owners or employer can easily sponsor his/her employee residency in Dubai only if the total sums of his earnings are around 4000 AED of every month.

If the employee is earning that much amount of money, he can also apply for his spousal visa being the sole provider of his family. But, the availability of the permanent sponsorship depends upon the type of profession the applicant may be working in.

For example, if the applicant is a doctor, engineer, banker or teacher then their respective department will decide on the request of sponsorship and pass it on for resolution of rejection or acceptance.

In case the sponsorship and permanent residency application has been accepted, the basic salary requirement will increase up to 10,000 AED and without accommodation or 9,000 AED with accommodation allowance.

Documents required to be submitted

There are a few documents that the applicant must submit at the time of applying for his company sponsorship. The applicant must give his application form available at the typing center of the immigration department dubai.

Later, once they have filed that application form, they are to submit three photographs of themselves along with their copies, original entry permit given to them or tourist visa otherwise, the original passport of the sponsor along with their own original passports and their photocopies, their original and valid health insurance and medical certificates, the employment contract of the sponsor, salary certificate of the employee and the employer/sponsor, tenancy contract made in the name of sponsor or the sponsor company, health insurances of all sorts and marriage certificate of the employee if available.

Time span for sponsorship attainment

How to Get Permanent Sponsorship in Dubai in 2016. Once all the documents have been submitted, the application will be forwarded to the ministry of interior in Dubai who will then further process the request.

Three to four month time span is required for the complete transfer and attainment of permanent sponsorship after which the employee can even invite their family members, parents and kids to visit or stay with them on their own sponsorship.

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