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Companies Having Vacancies in Dubai

Companies Having Vacancies in Dubai

Companies Having Vacancies in Dubai. Dubai has become one of the major countries of the world. This success and achievement is not because Dubai has tallest buildings of the world rather Dubai is currently investing on hiring most eligible working individuals all around the world to augment their growth and industries.

Every day hundreds of people are looking for online jobs in Dubai and are sending their data’s in hopes of getting selected for the reputable companies. Currently, there are so many recruitment companies in Dubai but only few of them are very profitable and can be very good for an employment. Top ten companies having vacancies in Dubai are:

1. Abacus Consultants FZE

Abacus Consultants FZE is a trusted provider of the IT system integrated solution in Dubai since seven years. Therefore, this company has become a major part of Middle East regions and is currently looking to work with extensively hardworking individuals having good expertise and experience in IT field.

2. Advansoft

Advansoft This company is an established team of expert software professionals. They are currently hiring well trained and specialized software engineers and are looking forward to work with people who are flexible in their work and can give quality results.

3. Independent Food Company

Their restaurants and lounges are very famous in Dubai and this is why Independent Food Company is now hiring competent professionals who understand the standards and simplicity of the work.

4. Al Qudra Sports Management

Al Qudra Sports Management requires candidates who are expert in supplying all top quality sports goods and equipment in UAE and those who can recreate analyze sports facilities to operate.

5. Al Shamsi Holdings

Al Shamsi Holdings is one of the most leading retailing companies of Dubai and need exceptional people for working with them. They always choose only those candidates who are looking out for bright, enthusiastic and talented working environments.

6. Marco Polo Gulf Trading

One of the most leading trading companies of Dubai is Marco Polo Gulf Trading. This company is currently hiring people who have expertise in trading shoes, carpets, textiles and foodstuff.

7. AlGurg Consultants

A very long established engineering consultancy firm, AlGurg Consultants is looking for fresh candidates who can work in its Dubai branches and help them expand their business to other countries as well.

8. Metropolitan School of Business and Management UAE

World class business school, Metropolitan School of Business and Management UAE is established in Dubai where they are hiring new teachers and staff who can help with the fast growth of this British business schooling system.

9. Bateel International

The nurturer of most premium dates in Dubai is Bateel International. This company is currently adding more workers in the staff so they can make themselves more prominent in the world of gourmet food industry.

10. Nexus Insurance Brokers LLC

Nexus Insurance Brokers LLC They are the largest financial advisers in the whole GCC area and are hiring more efficient and qualified people to composite saving and investment plans to their long term customers.


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