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Apply For Student Visa in France

Apply For Student Visa in France

Apply For Student Visa in France. When traveling to France or applying for any French college, a student visa is a must to keep.

But before applying for the visa application, the applicant must understand the instructions, eligibility and requirements to be completed in order to avoid hassle and complications at the last minute.

Though the student visa procedure in France is not as complicated as it may seem but getting better knowledge of the basics are mandatory.

Determination of eligibility and registration with the French campus

The applicant must apply in person to the French consulate for their student visa.

There are many French consulates available in US along with the jurisdiction that they serve. You can check out the list of consulates of France websites for more detailed information.

But before applying you must know that you will not be held eligible if you visit a consulate and apply for visa until mid of November. Registration with the France campus is also very important.

After you have registered online with the campus France, the French consulate will submit your visa application even when you are waiting to get a new or renewed password.

Once you have received your letter, the campus France will send you messages through their account and you will get a link of payment receipts and other one would confirm your registration.

Setting up appointment by consulate

All students have to make such appointment in order to submit your visa application in person at the consulate jurisdiction.

These appointment slots are filled up very quickly therefore you must make sure that you have planned your appointments very early and carefully. You can find links to all these consulates through online appointment scheduler under the tab of French consulate.

Through you cannot go the consulate yourself until your university confirmation has been sent to you through email systems.

Preparation of visa application material

Make sure you have all desired documents with you before you can go for your appointment. Ensure that you have arrived on time with correct items and appropriate number of copies of your papers.

You may have to send many hours at the consulate before your appointment and later you will also have to drop off your documents there including your passport for further processing.

Each consulate have varying requirements as to how they will return visa and passport to the student so you must make sure that you understand the process of the consulate that you are applying for.

In some cases you will be called back to pick up your passport and your given visa which is the best and suitable option for the applicant.

But in many cases you will be required to get a prepaid self-addressed envelope submitted which the consulate will use later on to give you your visa and your passport.

After receiving your visa you can get the ticket of your choice and then fly to France to get admission into the university/college of your choice.

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