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Top Ten Highest Paid Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Top Ten Highest Paid Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Top Ten Highest Paid Jobs in Saudi Arabia . Since oil revenues are increasing all over Saudi Arabia, it has become of the most attention grabbing destination for people who want to earn good amount of money.  Every year, millions of people join gulf region and drive their career with the assistance of this rich country.

Many job categories have taken a toll over Saudi Arabia due to the advancements in technology as well, making it easy for people to look for jobs that are suitable according to their profession. Top ten highest paid jobs in Saudi Arabia are as followed.

1.      Engineering jobs ( salary up to 80,000 dollars)

Engineers are in much high demand in Saudi Arabia than any other country of the world. Government of Saudi Arabia give highly paid job opportunities to civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electronical engineers and aeronautical engineers according to their qualifications and practical skills.

2.      Industry of Information Technology ( salary up to 12,000 dollars)

The macroeconomics of Saudi Arabia is driving the IT industry and significant growth is being noticed in this region as well. It firms are taking steps to augment their operations in the country. Therefore, they are giving job opportunities to IT professionals and contracting them for high amount of salary.

3.      Medicine ( salary up to 29,000 dollars)

Medicine industry is blooming quite significantly in Saudi Arabia which is why all the professionals related to this industry are getting job opportunities with high salaries. Dentists, pediatrics, orthopedics and pharmacists all have good and equal job opportunities.

4.      Creative designing and ad scheming ( salary up to 10,000 dollars)

Saudi Arabia has high demand for all those people who are professional and skilled in field of developing, ad campaigning, web developing and creative deigning.

5.      Business industry ( salary up to 33,000 dollars)

Many multinational companies and local companies earn very well in Saudi Arabia which is why opening up a business can be very revenue generating and profiting for a person.

6.      Banking ( salary up to 13,000 dollars)

Another most popular and highly paid profession that a person can go for is banking. But in order to be working at a bank, the person must have required education in finance and marketing. After the analyzation of their skills and experiences, they may even be offered a designation of bank manager.

7.      Construction industry ( salary up to 11,000 dollars)

There are many construction companies where civil and mechanical engineers work with other local labors to accomplish the project goals. You can apply for general service admin or for a job of project coordinator or cost control manager according to your skills and services.

8.      Real estate ( salary up to 10,000 dollars)

Real estate is a high grossing career in all parts of the world. Due to this reason, this profession in Saudi Arabia is also very eminent. You can be a real estate manager or an assistant and earn huge sum of money with every project.

9.      Teaching ( salary up to 3,000 dollars)

Education has its own importance in Saudi Arabia therefore there are many job opportunities for teachers and offer them good money in return of their services.

10.  Public relation ( salary up to 11,000 dollars)

Managers who apply for a position of public relation or as a media person get high salaries with heavy earnings and fame within Saudi Arabia.

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