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How to Get Work Permit for Qatar

How to Get Work Permit for Qatar

How to Get Work Permit for Qatar. Work permits given by the Qatar authority are usually referred to as work residence permits.

But in order to get a work permit of Qatar, the applicant must have a definite job and a local employer that can act as their sponsor before applying for visa.

Getting a work permit for Qatar can be complicated for  a lot of people which is why understanding all the basics beforehand is a must to avoid hassle and disappointment at the last minute.  The steps involved in getting work permit for Qatar are:

Types of work permits of Qatar

There are two types of relevant work visas given too foreigners regarding entry of Qatar i.e. temporary work entry visa and permanent long term visa.

In both cases, an application form along with the required documents and fee should be submitted on the behalf of the applicant himself or the employer.

Temporary entry work visa is a must to have for employment purposes in Qatar but the applicant must have to get their nationality, employment contracts and sponsor applications approved by the Qatar immigration department.

Getting temporary work visa for Qatar is a lengthy process but once it gets approved, you can stay in Qatar for about a year or so with opportunities of renewing it later.

On the other hand, permanent visas have to be applied by the sponsor of the applicant and submit all the desired documents at the time of submission of application. The processing time may vary according to the employment type and applicants nationality.

Application procedure

After the application form has been filled out by the applicant, all the required documents are to be submitted at the office of ministry of interior of Qatar.

These documents are valid passport of the applicant, employment contract, passport sized photographs, birth certificates, marriage certificate and bank statements attested by relevant organizations.

Once the immigration process is start various personal assessment tests and medical examinations along with blood tests and finger prints will be conducted during initial processing.

Qatar work visa

The applicant should not have Israeli stamps n their passport otherwise their application will be rejected and they will not be allowed to enter Qatar.

The sponsor has great responsibility regarding your rental agreements, opening of your bank accounts and all the other legal authorisations which must be done beforehand.

Once your application has been approved and you have received your visa, you become eligible to start your working with the company that has sponsored you.

But you will not be allowed to get an alternative job once the relevant visas have been issued to you.

After two years of working with the same sponsor, you may become eligible to apply somewhere else but to get it through, the applicant will have to submit a certain NOC i.e.

No objection certificate given by his current employer or Sponsor Company. Getting this NOC is mandatory otherwise applicant’s sponsorship will not be considered valid and he will not be eligible to apply for another alternative job. 

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