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HK Express Careers in Hong Kong

HK Express Careers in Hong Kong

HK Express Careers. HK Express was a Hong Kong-based low-cost airline that operated flights primarily within Asia. Founded in 2004, it aimed to provide affordable travel options for passengers. The airline fleet consisted of Airbus A320 family aircraft, offering both economy and business class seating. HK Express focused on short-haul routes, serving destinations such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia.

Careers in HK Express

Careers at HK Express encompassed a variety of roles within the aviation industry, including but not limited to:

Flight Crew

Ground Operations

Engineering and Maintenance

Administration and Management

Customer Service

These roles provided opportunities for individuals with various skill sets and qualifications to contribute to the operations and success of HK Express.

Qualification And Experience Required?

Qualifications and experience requirements varied depending on the specific role at HK Express. Here's a general overview:

Flight Crew: Pilots typically required a commercial pilot's license (CPL) or airline transport pilot license (ATPL) issued by a recognized aviation authority, along with specific type ratings for the aircraft operated by the airline. Experience levels varied but often included several thousand hours of flight time, with specific requirements for captaincy roles. Cabin crew typically needed customer service experience and proficiency in languages such as English and Cantonese.

Ground Operations: Positions such as aircraft technicians or ground handling staff might require relevant technical qualifications or certifications in aircraft maintenance or ground operations. Experience in airport operations, ramp handling, or baggage handling could also be beneficial.

Engineering and Maintenance: Aircraft engineers and technicians usually needed relevant engineering degrees or certifications in aircraft maintenance engineering. Experience with specific aircraft types and maintenance procedures was typically required, along with regulatory certifications from aviation authorities.

Administration and Management: Roles in administration, finance, human resources, marketing, and operations management generally required relevant degrees or qualifications in the respective fields. Experience levels varied depending on the seniority of the position, with higher-level roles typically requiring significant experience in the aviation industry or related fields.

Customer Service: Positions in customer service typically required excellent communication skills, proficiency in multiple languages (especially English and Cantonese), and prior experience in customer-facing roles, preferably within the airline or hospitality industry.

Overall, HK Express sought candidates who demonstrated a combination of relevant qualifications, experience, and skills specific to each role within the airline industry.

How to Apply Job in HK Express

If you want to apply job at HK Express. you can follow these general steps we share below Apply links Just click on “APPLY NOW” you will be redirected to vacant positions Simple register for a user account on their career’s portal, upload your CV and personal information and then you will be able to apply for any of the roles that you are interested in we wish best of luck for your future.


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