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Jobs at Qatar Electricity and Water Company

Jobs at Qatar Electricity and Water Company

The Qatar Electric and Water Company is a public company that was first opened in 1990. This company follows all laws and regulations that will allow it to provide safe water.

 It is the first company in the private sector to provide services to this area.  This company is one of the largest in the field in the Northern part of Africa and the Middle East. 

It provides of most the electric and most of the clean and desalinated water for Qatar. The company now does billions of dollars in business.  This company is always looking for new ways to provide energy. They have recently begun a solar program where they will get and use energy from the sun. 

This area has plenty of sun and the company is looking to use it to help reduce pollution and their footprint. There are also new methods being used in the desalination process so that everyone will have access to freshwater.

Benefits of Working at Qatar Electricity and Water Company

There are many benefits of working for this company. There is room for growth and a person can get promoted from within. A person can learn things related to their job and will help them grow as a professional. 

There are some perks to being employed by this company. There is generous annual leave time. A person can take their vacation time and they will not have to worry about job security.

 The company offers air ticket allowance up to five people for travel. This is great for those that are not native to Qatar. There are great health insurance plans and there is a family allowance. If a person is new to the area they can take part in the house rental assistance program and they will not have to worry about covering the cost of the rent.

How to Apply

If a person is interested in working for this company they will need to go to the official website or they can go to a site such as Indeed where there will be job postings. 

A person will need to look at the qualifications for the job and make sure they have the right skill set. A person will then apply for the job. They will need to provide their contact information, experiences, and their current resume.

If a person is selected for the job they will need to go on an interview. In some cases, this interview can be over the phone or it can be virtual. All of this information can be submitted online. Upon successful completion of the interview, a person can begin work.

If a person is coming from another country, Qatar Electricity and Water will help them get the correct documents so a successful move.  This will include finding housing and the physical move. Once a person has all of this information together they will be able to begin work at this company and enjoy all that Qatar has to offer.


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