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Latest Jobs in Marina Mall Dubai UAE

Latest Jobs in Marina Mall Dubai UAE

Latest Jobs in Marina Mall Dubai UAE. The Dubai Mall is an oasis in the middle of the dessert. There is a waterfall in front of the mall and this place is modern. The design is thoughtful and there are many stores. There are local items that are sold to high end fashion design.

The mall is 390,000 square feet and is four levels. There are over 140 outlets. There are also fine dining establishments, cinemas, entertainment for children, and there is even a supermarket in the mall. The mall is connected to a high class hotel. 

For those looking to get into shape there is a gym with a many fitness classes. The mall even has a prayer room and there is access to free wi-fi internet access. While the parents are shopping this mall has plenty of activities for children or people that need a short break. There is a bouncing center with inflatable items.

There is also a bowling village. There is the Magic Place where a person can stop by and see a magic show. A person can also walk around the mall and admire the sights including the oasis in the middle of this dessert

Benefits of Jobs at the Dubai Marina Mall UAE

Many opportunities are working at the Dubai Marina Mall. A person can work in guest services and help direct customers to the different location in the mall. They can also work at one of the fine dining establishments. 

There are plenty of opportunities in customer service as well. The stores need works that know how to serve tourist and the rich and famous customer. They need to make sure the customer has a satisfying experience and will tell others about how great the mall is. If a person is looking to find employment at the Dubai Marina Mall they should send their resumes to the mall.

They can also contact the individual stores they are interested in working at and fill out an online application with the resume and customer service experience.

How to Apply

When a person is looking to work at the Dubai Marine Mall in the UAE there are different ways that they apply over the internet. A person should have up to date contact information as well as their job experience on their resume. They will send it to

If a person is a good match for an open position they will be contacted by a representative from the mall. If a person is only interested in working at a specific store they should go to that store’s website and search the open positions at this mall in Dubai. They will then fill out an online application and will be contacted if they are a good fit for the open position.

The Dubai Marina Mall offers luxurious shopping. There are so many stores that a person interested in working in customer service will be able to get their career started and they will be able to work with some of the richest clients in the world.

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