Thursday 11 January 2018

Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners

Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners

Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners. If you are from overseas and are looking for employment in Singapore, the good news is that there is a large expat community and plenty of opportunities. Known for low tax rates, a low cost of living and an appealing climate, Singapore is also a very safe and pleasant place to live.If you are keen to find jobs in Singapore for foreigners, here is your guide to getting started.


Before you start searching for jobs in Singapore for foreigners, you need to check you are eligible for work. The Singapore Ministry of Manpower has a self assessment tool which can be found online which will let you know whether you are likely to be accepted or not. You will be unable to apply for a working visa unless you have already found a job with a suitable salary to meet the requirements, so therefore this is one of the last steps to take.

Choosing An Industry

There are some industries in Singapore which are thriving at the present time, and at the moment, finance, IT, hospitality and HR are the strongest industries in which to find work as a foreign worker.

Finding Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners

The best place to find jobs in Singapore for foreigners is online as there are many useful web resources which can make searching easier. The top websites in Singapore for jobs include:

Best Jobs



Jobs Central

Job Street

All of these sites are very useful places to begin looking for your new career in Singapore

Employment Agencies

There are many recruitment agencies in Singapore which can help you to find work in the easiest, most convenient way. They will put you forward for work that you are best suited to, saving you time and effort. Some of the best agencies in Singapore include:

3C Synergy - specializing in construction, gas and oil, jobs

Aegis - general employment

American Association Career Resource Center - specialists in expat careers

Career Hub Consultants - finance, engineering, tech, engineering,hospitality and science roles

Spencer Stuart - general employment

Make Contacts

Networking is always one of the best ways to secure employment, no matter where you are in the world, and it is no different in Singapore. There are several useful groups that can help you to forge key links including:

Startup Grind Singapore

The Hub


You can also use LinkedIn to create new contacts if you are unable to actually get to Singapore.

Applying For A Visa

Once you have secured a job, you will need a work visa. To apply, you will need evidence of your job offer as well as to pay a fee for registration. The process is quick, and usually takes just 7 days. There are several employment visa types:

Employment Pass - for people who will be earning a minimum of 3300 SGD each month

EntrePass - for entrepreneurs who want to start a business in Singapore

Personalized Employment Pass - this is only for highly paid workers

S Pass - this is the most popular visa type among foreign workers, awarded to mid level professionals who earn a minimum of 2200 SGD each month.
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