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How to Get Dubai Working Visa

How to Get Dubai Working Visa

How to Get Dubai Working Visa. Dubai is a very popular destination with those looking to emigrate and indeed, it has become the United Arab Emirates' most populous city. Culturally sophisticated and a hub for global businesses, employees come from across the globe to find employment here.

If you are interested in relocating to Dubai, you will probably be wondering how to get a Dubai working visa. In this article, you will find out everything that you need to know in order to move to Dubai to work.

Obtaining Employment in Dubai

The first step to obtaining a Dubai working visa is to find suitable employment within the city. Without a contract of employment, you will be unable to obtain the necessary permit to work in Dubai. You cannot apply for your own working visa; instead it will be your prospective employer's responsibility to commence the essential paperwork in order to get the necessary employment visa.

It is only after your future employer has filed the paperwork with the appropriate authorities that you can start the procedure of applying for the other essential pieces of paperwork that will enable you to work legally in Dubai.

You should note that it is extremely unlikely that you will be given a working visa for Dubai unless you have already been offered employment in the country and can prove it by showing your valid employment contract or employer letter offering you a position.

Essential Items Required Applying For a Working Visa in Dubai

There are several items that you will require in order to have the necessary paperwork submitted to the authorities to have your visa application processed. You will need a valid passport, current medical records and five passport sized photographs.

You will, of course, also need to supply a written letter offering you a job in Dubai or a signed employment contract from your Dubai employer. Once that job offer letter or contract has been drawn up, your employer will begin the application process for your work permit for you.

Not only must your prospective employer fill in and submit the appropriate application forms as your sponsor, but they must also pay the processing fees that are applicable for employment visas. Once all of the information has been submitted to the United Arab Emirates immigration department, the authorities will contact you to inform you that the details have been verified and then you can proceed to the next stage of your application.

Essential Medical Examinations

Once your employment visa information has been verified by the authorities, you must agree to a blood test and medical examination. This is to prove that you do not have any communicable diseases like Hepatitis C, tuberculosis or HIV.

At this point, you must present your medical records to the authorities together with photocopies of your passport, two passport sized photographs, your written job offer and the employment visa application form that has already been completed by your prospective employer to the local Department of Health and Medical Services. Once this paperwork has been received and processed, you will be able to obtain the essential health card which is mandatory for anyone from overseas who works in Dubai.

You should be aware that if you refuse to undertake the necessary medical examination or required blood tests you will not be issued with a Dubai working visa or health card under any circumstances. Also, if you receive a positive result when you are tested for any of the communicable diseases you will also be refused a visa and be deported out of the country. At the present time, there is no appeals process in place to appeal the result of these findings.

Obtaining a Dubai Labor Card

The next step in applying for your Dubai working visa is to submit all of the appropriate documentation to the Ministry of Labor office in Dubai. This will enable you to obtain a local Labor Card. To get this, you will need to send a passport size photograph, 3 copies of the employment contract from your new employer, a photocopy of the entry visa that you have received, your current medical records and the labor license of your employer. Once you have done this, you will be issued with the necessary Labor Card that will enable you to work legally in the country.

Applying For a Residence Visa

How to Get Dubai Working Visa. The final step that will enable you to work in Dubai is to apply for the appropriate Residence Visa. This can be obtained from the Dubai General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs.

You must complete the application form for a residence visa when you are actually on the premises while supplying your original passport, your original medical records or alternative your original health certificate, an original entry permit, 2 passport sized photographs and a receipt for the processing of your labor card or alternatively, a photocopy of your actual labor card that you have been issued with.

Although this appears to be a long, drawn out process with many steps, eventually once all of the information has been processed you will receive your employment visa, together with the other essential documents that enable you to reside legally in Dubai.

This includes your necessary health card, your labor card and your residency visa. If you have any problems or queries about the process of applying for a work permit for Dubai, you should speak to your prospective employer to have your questions answered.

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