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Computer Operator Jobs in UK

Computer Operator Jobs in UK

Computer Operator Jobs in UK. In the modern world, information technology has an enormous role to play. Used by virtually every business, this is a huge industry that provides a wealth of employment opportunities for individuals who are skilled in their use. This means that there are plenty of computer related jobs on the market at any one time, and anyone who has experience or skills in this area would be well placed to apply for computer operator jobs in the UK.

What is a Computer Operator?

A computer operator has the responsibility of controlling and monitoring a company's computer systems, with a special emphasis on the mainframe computer system of an organization or business. Tasks include carrying out troubleshooting on any hardware or software problems encountered by the users, the monitoring of batch processing, maintaining the system as a whole and improving its performance as well as its online availability, maintaining all of the application and system documentation and helping any employees with any difficulties that they are encountering in their day to day computer use. There may be other responsibilities too depending on the individual employer, such as providing system backups, maintaining equipment in the computer room as well as peripherals like printers and tape storage devices or supplying essential customer support.
Computer operators are often required to learn or know the main computer operating systems, for example IBM's OS/390 as well as its JES (Job Entry Subsystem). They should also be familiar with local area network operation as well as any specific applications that are used by their employer.

What Qualifications are required to become a Computer Operator?

As a basic minimum, a good level of high school education is required in order to become a computer operator and the majority of employers also have requirements that formal technical training has been carried out in information technology. Between one and three years of experience is often required. It is also essential that a computer operator has very good interactive and communication skills and can explain troubleshooting solutions clearly and effectively to those with limited technical knowledge. An ability to work well independently is essential as the majority of tasks are carried out alone and good analytical skills are key to being able to determine the nature of any computer problems. The ability to recognize any problem situations rapidly and being able to quickly respond to them appropriate is very important.

What Sort of Salary Can a Computer Operator Obtain?

The amount a computer operator can earn as their average yearly salary will vary in the UK from employer to employer and from region to region. Those who are employed with a larger firm or in the center of London will be able to command a higher pay scale than those who are based in the North or who work for a smaller operation. The average computer operator will obtain a salary of around £23,454 per year when they are qualified, with salaries increasing to around £30,000 for those who are able to find employment in the capital. Although there are some opportunities for promotion, the best option for obtaining a better salary is to move sideways to a larger company with better rates of pay as the pay scale will not increase much with experience.

How to Find Computer Operator Jobs in the UK

If you are interested in finding computer operator jobs in the UK there are several places that you can start your search. The internet is an excellent place to begin as there are a multitude of websites that list all kinds of vacancies including computer operator posts. These sites include and There are also a number of recruitment agencies that specialize in supplying qualified and experience computer operator staff to business all across the country. Agencies such as Reed will be able to assist in matching you up with companies that require staff with your specific skillset. Local and national newspapers are also a useful resource in finding suitable computer operator jobs, or you could always try sending out a CV with a cover letter to any companies that you are interested in working for on the off chance that they will have current vacancies that you are suitable for.

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