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Jobs in UK for Foreigners

Jobs in UK for Foreigners

Jobs in UK for Foreigners. If you are dreaming to finding the perfect job in the UK you will need to know the best place to start. Some industries are especially attractive to those from other countries and there are several sectors that actively recruit employees from overseas.

If you are looking for jobs in UK for foreigners, here is some helpful advice to get your job search underway.

Which Skills Are Most In Demand In The UK?

If you wish to relocate to the UK there are a number of industries with short supply of employees and which are keen to recruit workers from overseas.

Some of the sectors which are considered as shortage industries including engineering, software development, social work, kitchen management and the financial sector.

Every year a list is published outlining the shortage employment areas so that you can determine if you skills and experience fit within any of the listed areas.

Where to Find Jobs in UK for Foreigners

Although the UK is a flexible job market, you are likely to find a greater concentration of opportunities in the south of the country and primarily in the south east.

The greater London area advertises many job vacancies however there are higher living costs in this region. Although the north, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are largely cheaper in terms of living costs, there is higher unemployment in these regions and you may struggle to find suitable work.

Part Time and Casual Labor

If you are only interested in obtaining a part time or casual job, perhaps while you are studying in the country, you should find that you have plenty of options.

Casual work is quite easy to find, especially if you can drive. Delivery jobs are very common together with housekeeping positions such as cleaning and hotel jobs and positions within the food industry whether in a food preparation role or as a server.

Bar work is also another way of getting casual work as there is often a high turnover of staff and few specific skills or experience is required.


The qualifications that you will need when applying for jobs in the UK will vary greatly depending on the position that you are applying for. Entry level positions will probably require very little in the way of qualifications and a good standard of high school education may be enough to gain access to these positions.

If you are applying for a more skilled position, you will probably need a degree level qualification in a related subject or a vocational qualification. If you have very specific qualifications you may need to prove their equivalent qualification under the UK system.

One way of doing this is to pay a fee to the National Recognition Information Center who can provide your prospective employers with a comparison statement on your behalf. This officially recognised document will confirm that you have attained a certain level of qualification and compare it to the nearest UK equivalent.

While qualifications are often important, in the UK experience is often the major factor when applying for many jobs, especially those of a skilled nature.

You will have to provide references to prove that you have relevant experience in a related sector or the same industry of at least two years and sometimes more for a more senior position.

English language is probably the biggest requirement for most roles and particularly those in a professional sector. You should have good written and spoken communication skills for all but the most basic of employment.

Where to Find Jobs in the UK

Jobs in UK for Foreigners. There are several ways of going about looking for a job in the UK, but perhaps the most useful resource available to you is the government's Universal Job match website.

With its database of vacancies, it enables job seekers to upload their own CV and even apply online for most roles. Both national and local newspapers advertise position, with The Guardian being one of the best for professional jobs.

Trade magazines are also useful for those who have specific skills while standard online job search websites will also list a wide selection of vacancies from all over the country.

Recruitment agencies are another handy way to get a foothold in the job market. There are many national chains as well as local companies who can place you in a job that is suited to your skills.

These are especially useful if you are a skilled worker such as a teacher or nurse or if you are looking for entry level positions.

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