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Vacancies in Dubai for computer operators

Vacancies in Dubai for computer operators

Vacancies in Dubai for computer operators. The information technology sector is booming in Dubai, meaning that there are a lot of vacancies in Dubai for computer operators.

Anyone with the right skills and experience can find a wealth of employment opportunities for a large range of companies, especially those that are found in Dubai's Internet City. If you think that a computer operator post in Dubai is the right choice for you, read on and find out more about the necessary qualifications required and where best to source appropriate vacancies.

What Is A Computer Operator Job?

A computer operator operates a computer and provides data through studying production schedules and determining the sequence of operations. They also prepare equipment for by accessing software and loading paper into printers.

Their main role is to maintain operations, monitoring error messages, correcting stoppages, making adjustments and keeping an eye on the smooth operation of all peripherals. They complete production logs, answer requests and questions and carry out preventative maintenance testing on all computer equipment while maintaining the supplies inventory and troubleshooting any problems.

Which Kinds Of Companies Need Computer Operators In Dubai?

A range of business sectors require computer operators to assist with their smooth operation. These include firms within the construction sector, engineering industry, the hospitality and tourism sector and the import and export industry.

Which Qualifications Are Required For Computer Operator Positions?

Usually, the basic minimum qualification for computer operator positions is a good standard of secondary education; however the majority of roles require a degree in computer science related discipline.

Specific computing qualifications are an added bonus; however experience is the biggest selling point for all vacancies in Dubai for computer operators. Most companies require at least a year's experience in a related industry and for some roles, as much as five years of experience in a similar position is necessary.

Good communication skills are paramount, primarily in English, but also frequently a good knowledge of Arabic is required. As many computer keyboards in Dubai use the Arabic alphabet, a working knowledge of how to type and input data in Arabic is often essential. Remember too that employers in Dubai can be a lot more specific about their requirements for candidates, so it is not uncommon to see job adverts asking solely for male or female staff, possibly even with age restrictions and even nationality requirements. Make sure that you meet all the criteria before applying for the job as otherwise you will be wasting your time.

What Kind Of Salary Can Be Expected?

As with many jobs in Dubai, computer operators can expect to command a fairly high salary with all the added benefits of a tax free income. The average monthly salary of a computer operator in Dubai is around 3,500 AED per month with the lowest expected computer operator salary coming in at around 2,000 AED monthly. Some positions even attract salaries of 4,500 AED per month; however these will be reserved for those with the greatest amount of experience and qualifications.

Where to Find Computer Operator Jobs in Dubai

It is possible to approach many companies directly to see if they have any computer operator vacancies in Dubai. However probably the best way to approach your job search is to register with online job communities which allow you to search for vacancies by position type. 

This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to easily see the full range of available computer operator jobs in Dubai and as new positions are listed on almost a daily basis, there is always plenty of choice so there is sure to be something that matches your skill set.

There are websites which are dedicated to listing specifically computer related vacancies in Dubai and these are one of the best places to start looking for a position, and as they are listed by date you will be able to always see the newly listed jobs first, streamlining your job search.

Another option is to register with an employment agency which specializes in supplying qualified computer operators to companies in Dubai. These will allow you to attend just one interview and supply your CV which they will then be able to match your skills and experience to suitable vacancies without you having to do any extra legwork, making this one of the easiest ways to find the right job for you.

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