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Part Time Jobs in UK

 Part Time Jobs in UK

Part Time Jobs in UK. Whether you are trying to fit your job in around family or caring commitments or are trying to find a way of making a little extra income while studying at college or university, finding a part time job is the best solution. Offering more flexibility than a full time position, there is plenty of variety when it comes to securing a part time role in the UK. Read on to find out more about the different kinds of part time jobs in UK and the best ways to find a job that meets your needs.

How to Find Part Time Jobs in UK 

If you are looking for part time jobs in UK there are several places that you can start your search. There are plenty of websites available that list a broad spectrum of positions nationwide so there is sure to be something to meet your requirements. The best job sites allow you to search by employment sector and region so you can easily find listings in your area and that match your qualifications and experience. As well as using the internet, you could look in the local press for your area. Some areas have free local newspapers that are delivered weekly while others have a low cost daily newspaper tailored to the region. Usually, these types of publications advertise vacancies at least once per week and are a useful source of job advertising. A third option is to approach an employment agency. This will involve attending a brief interview and handing over your most recent CV. During your interview you will have an opportunity to tell the recruitment consultant about the type of work you are looking for and how many hours you are hoping for. This takes a lot of the hard work out of seeking part time employment as they will call you once they have found a job that you are suitable for. There is one more option, which is to approach employers directly. Shops, cafes and restaurants will often put posters in their windows advertising part time positions, while others will list vacancies on their websites.

Different Types of Part Time Jobs in UK

There are part time positions available in a wide range of fields in the UK, from high level employment like medicine and dentistry to vocational roles and service positions. The majority of part time positions tend to be in customer service, retail or catering roles. A part time role can be anything from as little as 8 hours a week up to around 35, and hours may be flexible depending on the position. It is important to look carefully at the hours of work before applying for a role to ensure that it fits in with the times you require. You should be aware that a lot of part time positions are based on shift patterns which can rotate from week to week and this may be an issue if you need set hours to fit around study or childcare.

Zero Hours Contracts 

Many part time jobs in UK are now on a zero hour’s contract basis. This means that you have no set number of hours each week and you may be required to work on various days and for different numbers of hours from time to time. You should check whether you will be on a zero hours contract before you agree to the position as the number of hours that you work could increase or decrease at any time.

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